10 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving During Coronavirus

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Life goes on even despite the Coronavirus outbreak. If you really need to move to a new place you don’t have to change your plans because of the pandemic. However, you ought to adhere to certain safety rules to protect yourself and your loved ones. To make sure everything goes without a hitch, you should be aware of the common mistakes when moving during Coronavirus and try to avoid them.

  1. Not Delaying Your Move if Possible

Although the authorities did not explicitly ban relocations, it was recommended to refrain from any activities that potentially pose a threat to your (and community’s) health. Moving is one of these activities as it involves direct and indirect contacts with people. Even if you just want to rent a van, you don’t exactly know who used it before you and how thoroughly it was disinfected after. Therefore, if it is not urgent, it makes sense to postpone your move until lockdown measures are lifted. And if you feel sick, then rescheduling is a must. After all, the health (and even lives) of those who help you move house are at stake, so it’s your duty to minimize all the possible risks.

  1. Moving with Your Children

Moving during Coronavirus poses certain risks to all the people involved, especially your children. Your priority is to protect your little ones, so if you have a chance to send them to their grandparents, just do it.

In addition to the Coronavirus threat, moving with your children is associated with other challenges. Your kids may consider all these boxes and sacks stuffed with your belongings to be a new exciting playground. What if they start playing with things, unpacking boxes, or knock over a pile of heavy stuff? Besides, children larking about are surely a hindrance for men at work, i.e. movers. As they carry heavy items around, you wouldn’t want your children to get in the way or scatter their toys all over the floor.

  1. Inviting Friends to Help with Packing

A little help is always a good thing when you move house. However, since pandemic is raging outside, ask yourself if it is a good idea to invite your friends over. You cannot know for sure whether your buddies follow social distancing guidelines, wear masks when outdoors, and the like. Many people have Coronavirus asymptomatically and don’t even know that they carry a deadly disease. How do you know that your friends who look just fine are actually healthy? The fact is that you don’t know it for sure; therefore, it is not worth it to ask them for help. It is better to spend more time packing on your own than take the risk and end up in a hospital.

  1. Not Researching Movers

When you hire house removals York during a pandemic, the very first question you should ask is: “What do they do to ensure that their clients and employees are safe?” The company of your choice must have a clear Coronavirus prevention policy. This ought to include wearing personal protective equipment, masks, and gloves; hands, tools, and vehicle sanitizing, as well as monitoring the health status of moving team members.

Here, our Man and Van York teams, we take the matter of your health and well-being with great seriousness. Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure that our movers are fully provided with all the necessary protective gears and sanitizers. Also, we insist that they implicitly follow all the Coronavirus guidelines designed by the authorities as well as the company’s safety instructions.

  1. Ignoring Virtual Survey

Clearly, you want an objective and accurate estimate of house moving costs but inviting someone to your house during Coronavirus is unreasonable, to say the least. Luckily, many of York removal firms offer alternatives to in-person surveys. You can take photos of all the things you want to transport or record a video and send it to your removal company for a quote. Also, you may contact your carrier via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc., show them your belongings, and request a cost estimate. Needless to say, your house removals firm will be happy to do it for you remotely.

  1. Not Wearing a Mask

Movers ought to wear masks and gloves and so do you. If you decide to help them load your belongings into a van, you will have to go outside where the risk of picking up Coronavirus is much higher than in your own house. Besides the fact that PPE must always be on you, you should keep a safe distance (at least 1.5 meters) from each member of the moving team and other people.

  1. Not Providing Soap and Sanitizer

It’s likely that any York removals company provides its employees with disinfectants but this may not be enough. Movers have to touch too many boxes, door handles, stair railing, etc. To kill all the nasty germs, they would have to sanitize their hands every minute, which is clearly impossible. However, you can help create a safe environment in your house with just a bit of effort. For this, your movers should have access to water, soap, and paper towels. Don’t hesitate to ask them to wash their hands every 15-20 minutes. Also, you should regularly apply a sanitizer to all frequently touched surfaces.

  1. Borrowing Moving Supplies

It might be tempting to take cardboard boxes from the nearest shop or buy used ones online but in the realities of Coronavirus, this is not the best tactic. The truth is that the virus can live for days on various surfaces. Therefore, there is a chance that you bring a contaminated box to your home. The safest way to get moving supplies is to purchase them from your York removals company. Man and Van, for example, offers a wide selection of boxes, bubble wrap, and everything you might need when moving; we guarantee their safety.

  1. Not Disinfecting After Moving In

Once the movers leave and before you start unpacking, don’t forget to disinfect all the surfaces you touched. Because Coronavirus clings not only to solid surfaces but also air particles (including dust), it won’t hurt to carefully wash floors and wipe dust from window sills and furniture in your new house. Right after unpacking, you should repeat deep cleaning again.

  1. Greeting New Neighbours

It is certainly exciting to meet new neighbours but you should postpone courtesy visits until better times. Shaking hands and small talks may expose you (and them) to Coronavirus, and you surely don’t want this to happen. It may also be inappropriate to give them gifts or goodies to make a good impression. For now, you can practice long-distance greetings. When Coronavirus is in the past, you can catch up by inviting new neighbours for a housewarming party.

Following these simple moving safety rules will help minimize all the risks of Coronavirus infection. And if you are looking for a York removals company focused on clients’ health and safety, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our York Man and Van team. You can reach out to us at 01904 390 906 or [email protected] and we’ll gladly answer all your questions.


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