Housewarming Gifts: 10 Moving House Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

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A new home or apartment is a huge milestone that’s worth celebrating. Whether it’s your aunt that recently secured her first home or your best friend who has just moved into a new apartment, a small moving house gift to recognize this growth is a worthwhile gesture.

You don’t have to go big. It’s the thought that counts. So, in case you are struggling to find just the right moving housewarming gift, we've compiled ten ideas that will help you settle for the perfect present that communicates you are thoughtful, and you care.

A Tool Kit

A friend or a family member moving into an apartment for the first time might not have a tool kit despite its importance. Thus, a thoughtful, moving house present like a tool kit can literally be a lifesaver in their new journey. Think of an assortment of different essential tools like screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape, utility knife and pliers. Of course, you can also go all out and get them a whole set. Perhaps, some additions like a sturdy torch or a level will make your gift even more fabulous.

Tried and Tested Cookbook

Moving into a new place calls for cooking inspiration. Stir that inspiration by giving your loved one a cookbook. This could simply be a cooking book essential or a comprehensive one with a wide range of dishes. If they are homemade food enthusiasts, They’ll definitely appreciate your efforts. If not, the book will look great on their shelf.

A Custom Doormat

A doormat is the first thing every visitor sees when they approach the front door. So, if you settle for a doormat, ensure you pick something that makes an impression.

You can go for simple or classic. You can also opt for a personalized one that you know will impress the newly moved. Perhaps you can include a fun saying, their initial or unique decoration.

One thing that’s for sure, you can never go wrong with a doormat because it’s something they’ll be planning to buy.

A Gift of Certificate for a Cleaning Service

Anyone who just moved will be on top of the moon if you get them professional cleaning services because this can be a daunting task. At least, they’ll have a major chore off their list. Suppose they’ve done the cleaning themselves. Let that not stop. You can never be late with this moving house gift. They’ll require it at some point.

Fresh Baked Goods

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with freshly baked goods when it comes to moving in gifts. You can get their favourite treat from their old neighbourhood bakery. You can also pick something up at the local bakery near their new home to give them a taste of the local flavours. Better yet, bake something yourself and surprise them.

Flowers in a personalized Vase

Lighten up their space with colourful, fresh flowers in a gorgeous customized vase. Flowers are a source of positive energy. They have been proven to help people relax and feel more secure. With the stress of moving and unpacking, flowers will help the newly moved to relieve stress and have a better mood.

A personalized vase with their initials or a fancy decor will give them a reason to keep the vase and get more fresh flowers long after the original ones have withered. You can tweak this housewarming gift a little and instead give them a live front door wreath.

A Fancy Candle

What could be a more appropriate moving house gift than fancy candles? I can’t think of anything more appropriate than scented candles. Go for ones with a rich yet subtle scent that would elicit feelings of warmth and homeliness. Make sure you choose their favourite scent. If you are not sure what they like, settle for a mild scent. Also, put some thought when picking the packaging. You want a pretty package that shouts class and matches the fancy candles inside.

Since moving is sometimes chaotic, include matches or lighter in the package just in case they can’t trace theirs.

A Plant

While flowers are a great gift, a plant will equally stand out and last even longer. Think of low maintenance plants like succulent, zee zee, devil’s ivy or snake plant. These plants can grow with minimal sunlight and little water. A snake plant, for example, can last for up to three weeks without water. It also doesn't need sunlight at all to grow.

Before you settle for a plant as a gift for moving to a new house, consider if the newly moved friend or family is a plant lover. Otherwise, your efforts might be in vain if they can't nurture the plant and it dies after a while.

A Bottle of Wine

After all the hustle and bustle of moving, a bottle of wine is exactly what they’ll need to ease and settle into their new home. A basket hamper with some exotic wine, spirit or whiskey, depending on their preference, will do. You can make the gift hamper even more special by adding a wine glass, chocolate, cheese or even fresh nuts. Adding a gift card that acknowledges their new achievement will show the effort you’ve put into your gift.

A Cosy Blanket

A soft, cosy blanket to curl under for some late night show is an incredible gift. You can go all out and get a faux fur or cashmere blanket or keep it modest with cotton, wool or fleece blanket, which are reasonably priced. In case you are not sure of their house colour scheme, pick neutral colours.

Best Gifts for Moving House

There you have it. Ten impressive moving house gift ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can also do an assortment of two or three of these gifts as a single housewarming gift. Besides, you can throw in some DIY for a unique personalized touch that shows you put some thought into it. So, step forth and make your next housewarming gifts something memorable.

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