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First-time buyers looking for removals in York will be pleased to see that the Government has proposed a brand new scheme to save 30% on a new home. Key workers have also been included in this scheme, and discounts could be as much as £100,000 when buying a first home. Given that the current property climate is precarious at best, as no one knows what's happening post-lockdown, buyers need to get a boost.


It's difficult for first-time buyers to get onto the property ladder, so with the Government injecting a huge discount on houses, first-time buyers and key workers are excited. The new scheme could see tens of thousands of new homes sold to those looking to get onto the property market. The problem is that the homes are being sold at a significant discount, and this hasn't sat well with a few of the organisations in the housing sector. This is because the discounts are so substantial, and the worry is that the property prices will drop post-lockdown. Selling homes at a third less than the market price will not be great for the seller and their hope to profit.

A New Initiative

With the 30% discount being offered for critical workers as well as first-time buyers, they are given priority in the scheme. Key workers have been on the front line throughout the pandemic to save lives, teach children, and be at the forefront of the country. Giving back to them with this scheme is essential, and key workers include police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, and armed forces. The scheme is also being advertised as open to those in other professions, too!


Those who are trying to buy their own properties in their local areas were previously pushed out due to the rise in prices. Either they can join in on the new scheme and save up to 30% on the cost of a new house, or they can wait and see what the pandemic does to the property market in terms of lower house prices. Either way, this is a positive initiative for those who have worked through the pandemic as well as first time buyers looking for a leg up into the market. The aim is to have the 30% discount passed on when the property is sold, so that future first-time homebuyers are ready and waiting. Right now, there is no clear guidance as to how the scheme is going to be delivered, nor is there a date as to when it will be. The assumption is that the powers that be will wait to see how the property market fairs after coronavirus lockdowns are lifted. Once this happens, the rollout can begin to boost the property market.

Why Is The Scheme Coming?

The news has been confirmed that this discount would be passed on when the property is sold to help future first-time buyers, and despite there being a 12-year high in 2019 for buyer numbers, people are still struggling to get onto the property ladder. This is mainly because of the stretched affordability and the requirements for more substantial deposits. The rumour is that once the lockdowns have lifted and people are able to book removals in York once more, the lending criteria will be far stricter for a while. So, with this new initiative, first time buyers and key workers are able to look forward to stepping onto the property ladder for the first time.


The UK Government has been working closely on improving housing issues in the UK. With there being a build-up of those clamouring for rentals over those buying, the pledge to build one million new homes in the current parliament has been a welcome one. However, with the fact that employment and affordability are not that great, this scheme will close a gap and offer a significant boost to those looking to buy. The First Homes scheme is a big part of the commitment to get more people onto the property ladder, and the initiative of 30% off allows more people to buy than ever before.


Not only will buyers pay less for their homes, but they'll also need a significantly smaller deposit to make it easier to meet those out-of-reach affordability requirements. The average new-build sits at around £314,000, and the average buyer will be able to save around £94,000, saving £18,000 less for a deposit. If you live in an area of high demand and would usually be unable to buy a local home without this discount, you could find that you are finally able to do so with the new scheme.


This will enable more people who are itching to move right now the chance to do so. The property market is at a halt, with removals companies awaiting instructions with where to go and what to do next. York removals needs are slowly building up, and once lockdown lifts and the new scheme comes into play, there will be a flurry of activity and bookings for companies to help!

Scheme Background

As we’ve said, the current details are unclear, and the way that the scheme will run is still being hashed out. However, the Government has so far acknowledged that there will be a price cap on the available properties through First Homes, the current scheme to help first time buyers. This ensures that the new initiative helps those who would benefit most from it. The plan is for the discount to be paid for through the contributions that developers would provide through the planning system as it stands. The Government has stated that his method has been established to ensure that new developments deliver the benefits for the local communities.


There is no definition of the criteria for what makes a buyer “local,” but any armed forces personnel will be exempt from these rules. The Government has also said that the new scheme will cut the cost of homes by a third, and while you are awaiting some direction on the rules, you can prepare to buy your property by speaking to lenders and getting your finances in order.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to new schemes like this one, there are plenty of questions to ask about it. It's exciting to know that you can book your removals in York shortly, and your property will be your own! Below, we've got some of the most frequently asked questions about the scheme itself, so let's take a look:

What Happens To The Discount?

If you buy a property built specifically for this scheme, you will keep your discount when it's sold. If you buy at 30% and want to sell, you need to have the house valued independently and sell it at a 30% discount to other First Homes buyers.

Will There Be A Cap On Housing Costs?

This is where the earlier mentioned criticism of the scheme comes in. The Government has faced a lot of criticism over the cost of properties rising that are sold using the Help to Buy scheme. It's clear that this isn't a scheme that is used to subsidise the purchase of a largely expensive property.

Will Wealthy Buyers Be Able To Use The Scheme?

There has been consideration of a cap on household income, but it can be complicated when it comes to the self-employed who want to buy a home for the first time. The whole idea is to save money for those struggling to get on the property ladder. The general feeling is that there should be a cap on those with ultra-high net worth.


If you are considering buying your first home, there are a lot of schemes to help. This scheme allows 30% of the property's cost to be saved, and you can save much more money if you are looking at your deposit options. If you speak to your lender, they may be able to help you with your information on this scheme. It will allow a whole generation of new homeowners to take a step onto the property ladder. It can cut the cost of the home down by so much that first buyers out there will be happily locked into a new property in a local and familiar area. This is a massive deal for homeowners, as they will be in familiar surroundings and able to buy near family, work, and friends. The priority here is veterans and councils can use the scheme for their key workers, too.


The savings made in the sale of a property will help people to open up more spending money in other areas, such as removals! First-time buyers will find these new discounts to be life-changing, as will keyworkers. When the property market finally pushes forward once more, the new discount should hopefully be clearer, and removals companies can be called upon to fulfill the completion of new homes purchased; moving day is ahead!

Choosing A Removals Company

So, you've managed to apply for and be approved for the new scheme, and it's time to think about booking the best man and van York has to offer. When lockdown began, the removals companies country-wide were not initially considered to be essential workers. Moves that were already underway, and thus not part of the scheme, we're encouraged to be completed. The rest of the moves were to be cancelled and postponed until the lockdowns have lifted. Now that things are beginning to move in the right direction, it's essential to choose a removals company that cares about you and your safety. It's also crucial that you can move into your new investment quickly so that you can reap the rewards for as long as possible. York removals are ready to be booked in, and there are plenty of people waiting to choose a new company to move them to their newly purchased home. As a smart removal company, 1 Man 1 Van is ready to take your call. We know how important it is to keep you healthy and safe throughout your move, and we will adhere to social distancing guidelines as much as possible. There is a backlog of people looking to book, so book in early, so you aren't disappointed!


Removals can be smoothly planned once you've achieved your discount and purchased your brand new home, and all you have to do is give us a call. The best removals York has to offer are ready and waiting to take your request now, so that you can have the smoothest move possible. Lockdowns are lifting, and home viewings are beginning, you don't want to be at the back of that queue to line up your removal day. 

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