5 Creative Uses For Your Old Wooden Pallets

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Wooden pallets have become so ubiquitous that we forget about their hidden uses. Too often do they arrive with a delivery, only to be stored at the bottom of a garden or used as makeshift barriers so the dog can’t get out.

Upcycling Your Old Pallets

We believe that the humble wooden pallet is a treasure trove. It can be upcycled, dismantled and taken apart to great creative ends. Here are our five favourite uses that might surprise you…

1. A High Planter & An Obstacle For Slugs

Slugs are the gardener’s enemy number 1. Experienced gardeners will know that eradicating them entirely is impossible. Instead, it’s about making their lives that little bit harder.

If you’re growing veg, flowers or starting a little herb garden, it’s a good idea to lift your pots and put them on top of a pallet. While the slugs can certainly reach, it’s one more obstacle for them. Introduce more pallets and you’ll have layer upon layer of climbing frame for them to scale. It certainly beats having your plant resting at ground level!

2. Upcycle Your Pallets Into Furniture

A sander, a lick of paint and a sunny day make for some extraordinary transformations to your pallets. With the right mindset and a bit of elbow grease, you can transform a wooden pallet into practically anything. Just look at what this company are doing!

3. Flip It Up & Make A Shoerack

Simply put - if you turn a pallet on its side, it makes for a perfectly decent shoe rack. This kind of feature is particular popular with rustic, ‘upcycled’ homes that don’t mind a bit of quirkiness. What do you think?

4. Dismantle & Make A Rudimentary Pathway

The individual pallet planks make for good solid paving in the garden. Place them in trouble areas such as that muddy bit where you have to retrieve old footballs. For safety’s sake, make sure you remove all nails from the planks before laying them down!

5. For The Artists … Build A Beautiful Wall Display

We’re serious - for those with the gift of an artistic eye, it’s possible to create a stunning wall display from your wooden pallet. If you don’t believe us, check out what this artist managed to achieve with a pallet, some paint an a dozen fluffy pompons! 

Being in the removals business, we frequently have to recycle old bits of packaging - from wooden pallets and bubblewrap to mountains of old cardboard boxes. Do you have any creatives uses for them? We’d love to know!

5 Uses For Your Old Wooden Pallets

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