7 Things to Look For When Hiring a Removal Company

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Despite opportunities presenting themselves in various locations, relocating to a different area can be hectic and challenging at times. Meaning, it may take a lot of mental and physical effort to move the stuff in your house to a new one.

Whether you’re relocating to an area within Yorkshire or moving to another county, choosing the right house removal company could mean the difference when moving. So, remember to research moving companies to save on moving expenses and ensure your precious belongings reach their destination safe and sound.

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In this article, we explore the top 7 things to consider when hiring a house removal company. Let’s dive right in.

1. Get Recommendations

Talk to your family, friends, coworkers and real estate agents in York. You can as well browse through the phonebook to check for nearby moving companies. Then, collect quotes online but you should insist on inspection to reach a final estimate.

Never assume that popular companies are the best. Also, don’t request estimates from fishy websites without pass or trace history. Avoid asking random brokers for help- you might land in the wrong hands and possibly end up losing your hard-earned cash and items.

2. Read Reviews

Try viewing the reputation of moving companies in York and checking them off on your list. Google search and Facebook communities are good places to find a company. It would help if you also considered looking for ratings of a moving company on independent review sites.

While you might encounter several bad comments about a home removal company you thought was reputable, don’t let this put you off. Keep in mind that people are less likely to express their positive experiences than negative ones. Plus, reputable companies rarely hide negative feedback- instead they find ways to address an issue and make their customer service better.

3. License and Insurance

Avoid moving companies that aren’t insured and licensed. While house removal companies aren’t legally required to be insured, the best companies would want to be insured in case of a mishap.

Note that any group of individuals can purchase a truck and call themselves the “best moving company in Yorkshire”. However, companies that are insured and officially licensed are legally bound to protect your belongings.

To verify the legitimacy of a moving firm, look up their service records, check for their active license and make sure they have a valid physical address. If you’re moving to a different county, figure out if the moving company is allowed to do so.

A house removal firm in York may also need to have a certified waste carriers license. They should be registered with the Environmental Agency as it’s a requirement for any removal firm that uses their trucks for house clearance.

4. Quotes and Payment Options

Make sure you ask the cost to use a removal company as several factors influence the amount you’ll be charged. The amount of content to be relocated and distance to travel are primary considerations. Speed of packing and size of the crew are also deciding factors.

A good moving company should explain the costs and what you can do to lower the charges. Some companies, for example, will offer a discount if you help with packing or source your own packing materials.

A reputable house removal firm will accept various types of payment for your convenience. Some common methods of payment include cash, cheques and BACS transfer. Be wary of firms that accept only cash payments.

If you have a limited budget for relocating, you should consider hiring a van. While vans generally provide an affordable way to move items, costs add up quickly for big houses.

5. Individual Needs

Every house removal is different. If you’re moving a two-bedroom house, you’ll typically hire differently than when moving a six-bedroom apartment. Think about your personal needs and hire a company that can accommodate all your stuff.

Remember to ask the right questions about your preferences as it will help you pick the right fit. For example, ask whether a moving firm has the right sized moving truck to take in all your furniture and boxes without cramming. Also, inquire if the home removal firm is available within a time window and whether they’ll strictly adhere to the pickup date.

You may as well want to know how long it will take to pack all your belongings. An experienced UK moving company with a sizable truck should provide correct time estimates. Besides, you want a firm that can put your items on their way in the least time possible and a professional manner.

6. Safety

You want to make sure that any removal firms you contact are members of either The National Guild of Removers and Stores or The British Association of Removers. These organisations focus on providing excellent house removal service that benefit both the companies and their clients.

The two organisations have set standards and rules of conduct that members adhere to. This alone should assure their professionalism at all times.

7. Get a Written Contract

It’s crucial to get a written quote and contract. Ask for the moving company’s full terms of service and read it. An ideal quote and contract should cover all the things you expect to be included, like what happens if you change your plans. What charges are applicable if the moving firm is unable to visit on an agreed date?

If there’s something you don’t understand, ask for explanations or request changes. Although a written agreement doesn’t guarantee smooth relocation, a contract will enhance your legal protection if something goes wrong.

Planning a House Removal?

It’s best to let a reputable moving company take the burden off your shoulders.

It only requires knowing what tips to use that will help you find a reliable house removal company in the United Kingdom. And this article covers some of the most significant factors to consider when looking for a reliable firm.

Contact us today to learn more about your removals in York and how we can help you move safely to your new home.

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