7 Things You Should Sort Out Before Your Moving Day

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The week leading up to moving day is one of the most intense, high-energy periods when relocating. At this point, you are feeling all sorts of emotions at once. There is enough to keep your mind occupied, from the excitement of living in a new place to the stress involved in logistics.

One way to alleviate the tension of getting everything together is by hiring an excellent full-service house clearance service near you. However, there are things you must attend to on your own; if you're in the middle of transferring homes or have yet to begin, here are seven things you must take care of before you leave.

1. Take care of banking and bills

Before you move, make sure you transfer your bank accounts, close any safety deposit boxes, pay outstanding bills, and close your accounts. Closing accounts at your bank is vital, especially if you're moving to another state or country.

Make sure you've also paid for the remaining utility bills and closed your accounts with the providers. If your move is interstate or international, make sure you have cancelled your utilities or transferred these to the new address. Confirm with the providers your cut-off dates to avoid unnecessary charges.

2. Have boxes or bags for essentials

In a sturdy box, put clothes and toiletries you will need in the first few nights at your new home. If you are moving with loved ones, make sure everyone has a personal box, and pack a separate one for items the whole family will need. Write "Do Not Move" on a prominent place on the box, to alert the moving services that you're taking care of it personally.

Apart from hygiene items, you can put in these boxes things like inhalers and contact lens kits, medications, linens, an emergency kit, snacks, pet food, and games for small children. There should also be a bag or box for important documents like passports, birth or marriage certificates, medical records. Keep valuables like jewellery, heirlooms, credit cards, and the like in the personal boxes as well.

3. Take special care with gardening tools and supplies

Apart from your things inside the house, you must take care of gardening tools and supplies. Drain your power tools and other items that use motor fuel. Movers do not transport combustible liquids, so you need to dispose of these properly. Get your tools ready as well; cover your shears and other sharp blades with newspaper and cloth and secure the covering.

4. Check the schedule with the movers

Confirm the moving company's arrival times and go over the arrangements with them. Ensure everything is on track, from the parking strategies to the moving services you'll require at both locations. Confirming with your company will prevent you from incurring additional moving fees.

5. Disassemble and wrap your furniture

Full-service home moving services will take care of disassembling and wrapping your furniture for moving. If you are hiring a self-loading service, however, you need to do this yourself. Choose the service that addresses your needs—some homes should prioritize affordability, while others need convenience.

6. Have a meal plan for the first week

Decide what you want to eat and where to order food the night before the move. Plan as well for each evening you will spend as you get your kitchen and groceries sorted out. Buy just the amount you can consume for each evening, so you do not keep throwing away leftovers.

7. Aim to finish packing the day before the move

Do not leave too much packing for the last day; no matter how neatly you sort your items out, you are bound to have last-minute tasks on moving day. Clear your schedule by packing and sorting as much as you can beforehand. Don't forget to label your boxes and mark where each will go in your new home.


A move is an exciting time in anyone's life, but it can also be stressful. Reduce the amount of strain you put on yourself by preparing your belongings for transporting and ease your family into settling by having a plan for your first few days in the new place.

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