Moving home checklist and tips

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An Easy Moving Checklist for Your Home

Moving can be an especially hard task, and it gets even more difficult with an increase in the number of items that you have to move. However, these tools will definitely make things easier for you:

Ziploc bags

There is no doubt that you will need to have various Ziplocs in hand. Clear Ziplocs are perfect for putting together little pieces that are related (or made together). All you need to do is wrangle them together in one Ziploc bag, label the bag, and store it carefully in one of your moving boxes. That way, it will be easier for you to find your stuff later and not just lose them.

Zip ties

This one might go without saying, but when the time does come for you to move, you will definitely be saying a prayer of thanksgiving that you save your zip ties. When you need to settle down in your new home, and you have to start picking items apart, you'll find it much easier and organized when you have all your cabled tied, and you can just as well easily untie them.


Sliders are little plastic disks, and they work perfectly for when you have to move heavy pieces of furniture- bookshelves, chairs, filing cabinets desks, etc. If you're looking to do all that without putting too much of a strain on yourself, then sliders are definitely a must-have for you.

Protective plastic wrap

Protective plastic wrap- or bubble wrap, if you will- are huge rolls of things that look like Saran wrap. They are for moving furniture, and they are used by many professional movers and logistics companies to help pad big and small pieces as well as contain and offer protection to them. You can easily wrap a wide array of items inside this stuff, and another advantage of it is that is comes away easily without leaving any material of residue (so you won't have to clean your item later). For the best performance, however, it is recommended that you get a wide roll.

Shipping boxes

If you're moving to a place that's quite far (maybe a different country or a city that's on almost the other side of the country), then you will most probably need to have your stuff shipped over. If so, then shipping boxes are a must. They help you to easily organize your stuff, and they make it so that you don't have to worry about losing anything. You can easily put related items together and have them labeled. Seal the box, and it's ready to go.

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