Safety first! Protect high-value possessions when you move

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Moving is a very serious decision. It involves a lot of steps that need to be taken- from buying stuff like moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap,  shipping boxes, etc. to taking steps like leaving work and getting an awesome moving service. There really is a lot that needs to be done!

However, one of the biggest concerns for people in transit is the safety of their valuables. Products move, and there is always the ever-present possibility that they get lost or damaged in the process. 

Well, here are a few steps that you can take in order to avoid that eventuality:

Keep small valuables with you always

Valuables can be stuff like jewelry, medicine, papers, and documents, etc. These small pieces can easily be kept with you, as opposed to having them on the moving truck. All you need to do is carry them in a designated bag, and you'll be fine. 

If you decide to keep these items in a safe, then it is better for you to always have that safe with you. You can also get your hands on a locked container with a key in order to place some valuable artwork. You can easily ask a professional or a moving company for more details on stuff like these. 

Use bubble wrap

If you do decide to put your valuables in one of your moving boxes, then bubble wrap can help prevent damage. Bubble wrap is a protective tool that helps absorb a lot of the shock that comes with collision and motion, so you can be sure of a level of safety and protection that way.

Get moving insurance

Make sure to check again with your home insurance company in order to ascertain whether your insurance policy covers any incidents that occur during a move. If you're moving items with immense value, then you might want to take additional coverage for these pieces. A lot of insurance companies offer this step of coverage, so make sure to take time and evaluate which will be the best for you.

Tracking might be a smart option as well

All you have to do is tuck a small and cheap tracking device into one of your shipping boxes, and you can easily keep tabs on where your valuables are. There are various types of trackers that have various ranges or imitations, so be sure to do your proper homework. 

Try as much as possible to keep shtum about your move

For your safety and the safety of your stuff, it is better if you didn't publicize your move or where you're going to, especially on social media. This is because, with integration and synchronization in some social media platforms, you never know who sees your posts. Even if you think that only a few friends (or followers, or whatever) get to see your posts, there are instances where people you don't know have access to them. You can show off your new place after your housewarming party and when you've fully settled in.   

Although it is true that the challenges you'll face when you move are great, you can definitely keep your valuables safe and relieve a lot of the stress if you plan well.

Avoid losing valuables

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