Beast From The East! Moving House In The 2018 Snowstorm

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In February 2018, Britain experienced a monster snowstorm. Dubbed “The Beast From The East” it took most of the country unawares while traffic and transport ground to a halt. One day the streets were clear and dry, the next they were covered in 8 inches of snow.

It’s one thing to prepare for moving in winter, but it’s another thing entirely to wake up on moving day and find that your whole neighbourhood has become a white blanket. This guide is for those rare, unexpected snowfalls and how you can soldier through and move house in a blizzard.

Tend To The Floors, Inside & Out

For all its crunchy wonder, snow quickly gets trodden on, compacted and turned to ice. With boots moving back and forth between houses, it’s especially important that you tend to the floors both in and outside the property.

Inside The House

When there’s wet weather, it’s not always possible for people to take their boots off every time they enter the house. Look for last-minute floor protection that can be used to line hallways and thoroughfares. Our top tip is junk mail, newspapers and old cardboard boxes. One newspaper can line the important crossroads in a house, so see what you can rustle up to protect floors from snowy boots. You might also be willing to sacrifice old bedsheets or gym clothes - anything people can step over to avoid spoiling the carpet!

Outside The House

Make sure the van is parked as close as possible to your front door. Clear a straight line to it, and get that pathway gritted and slip-free! Use sand, grit, ash and salt wherever you can find it. 

Ran out of grit? If it’s snowing like it was at the end of February, it’s more than likely that friends and neighbours will be enjoying a “day off” from work and school. Reach out to them and ask if they have any salt and grit to spare. If they’re not going anywhere, it may as well be put to use!

Can Moving Companies Operate In Snowy Weather? 

Luckily, if there’s one set of professionals that are capable of driving in snow, it’s moving firms. A reputable company will regularly service their tyres and vehicles, and with such large vans it would take a considerable snowstorm to hamper them.

So, if you’ve pre-booked with a removal company before the snow comes, chances are they won’t be hindered by the unexpected weather. The only possible drawback is that - with traffic and cautious driving - the job will take a little longer.

We Were Going To Do It Ourselves! Help! 

If you had plans on a DIY removal but the snow has blocked your car in, there’s still hope. Many moving firms offer last-minute or urgent removal services for precisely these occasions. In our experience there is an increase in callouts on snow days, and we do our level best to help customers. 

If All Else Fails: Reschedule

As important as moving is, safety comes first. If the wintery conditions mean that ice has built up, or that you truly can’t move safely out of the snowfall, then you might have to take the hit and reschedule. As painful as that sounds, it’s not half as bad as a broken ankle. Be safe, be prepared, and know that high snowfall is a freak occurrence you can’t control.

Moving House In Snowy Weather

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