5 Benefits Of Using The 1 Van 1 Man You-Load Service!

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benefits of a you load service

Okay, so we’re giving ourselves a pat on the back: the new You-Load service has proved hugely popular, with regular orders from customers looking to save money with their York house move. We initially thought it would be very occasional, but results have shown that people like to take removals into their own hands…literally! Here’s why we think customers have warmed to the You-Load service.

1. It Saves Money

The reason we started this in the first place was that customers wanted to save cash. House removals are unavoidably expensive: insurance, deposits, installations, new furniture - the list goes on. Every opportunity to save money is welcome, and YouLoad gives people a very obvious solution. You’re going to be present throughout the removal anyway, so why not help at ground level?

2. It’s Good Exercise! 

Only certain people would agree with this, but it’s true that loading and unloading (safely!) is good for the physique. You combine cardio (running up and down stairs) with anaerobic exercise (lifting heavy boxes and furniture). Just about every part of your body gets a workout from loading - from your neck to your shoulders, triceps, quads and calves. Just make sure you’re fighting fit for the day, and that you observe proper health and safety procedures when lifting boxes.

3. You Feel In Control

It goes without saying that we at 1 Van 1 Man are consummate professionals. If we do pack and load, we do it properly. Nonetheless, some customers feel more comfortable loading their prized possessions themselves. There is a sense of control and order, knowing that you have loaded the van yourself.

4. It’s Flexible For All Moves 

You-Load is a scaleable service that benefits individuals and groups of all house sizes. For people moving a 1 bedroom apartment, the service is quick and convenient. For larger houses with big families, the job is just as efficient with many helping hands. And that leads us to our final point…

5. It’s Social!

You-Load gives you the chance to call in favours. Running up and down stairs together, labelling and passing boxes gives people a sense of camaraderie. More to the point, it helps keeps the children busy, entertained and exhausted by journey’s end!

Jump aboard! You-Load is available to anyone living within a 10 mile radius of York’s city walls. If you like what you've heard, why not get in touch and arrange a booking?

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