The Best Restaurants in York

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Fun moments are always not complete without a sumptuous dish to go with the hearty peals of laughter. York’s vibrant food scene has exactly what you need to make those moments memorable. You only need to look beyond the chain restaurants and explore the wide range of delicacies from exotic street foods to fine dining to international cuisines. And to help you do just that, we’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in York you must visit.

The Best British Restaurants in York

Ate O’Clock is dogs and kids friendly, so every member of your family is welcomed. Ate O’Clock has a unique setup where you can choose to enjoy the intimate indoor environment with your loved one or opt for the cosy courtyard. Their friendly dining experience and the wide selection of cuisines makes it one of the best British restaurants in York.

Bennett’s Cafe & Bistro is a friendly cafe that serves homemade cakes, coffee and tea. Their scrumptious cakes and simple bites are made from locally sourced British food. This cafe is perfect for tea and light snacks.

Betty’s Cafe Tea Rooms is one of the eateries in York that you don’t want to miss. The atmosphere is relaxed and quiet, just like most of us love it. You can hop in for breakfast, lunch, or diner. They also serve the traditional afternoon tea.


Casual dining in York

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Best Casual Dining Restaurants in York

The Hairy Fig is a little gem in York that serves sumptuous platters, meals and salads. The small cafe has a vintage vibe that gives it a relaxed atmosphere, making it an excellent place for family and friends luncheon.

Pairings is one of a kind. The wine bar and deli are all about pairing wine and food. Depending on your choice, you can enjoy the wine selections or go for the recommended food pairing. This is the perfect spot for those who appreciate fine wine, gin, whiskey, beer and cocktails because you’ll never go wrong with pairings’ fine selections.

Cafe No.8 has 19 years under its belt. It’s one of the must-visit cafes in York. This restaurant has a warm, welcoming atmosphere compounded with friendly staff and super delicious dishes. Their unique flavours and perfectly cooked foods will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Kids Friendly Restaurants in York

Shambles Kitchen is a takeaway joint whose foods are second to none. They serve delicious, freshly made sandwiches, wraps, sauces and fillings on order. Everything is cooked from scratch!

The Rattle Owl offers a very interesting menu that foodies would find absolutely fascinating. They have an assortment of various ingredients that they add to their dishes to create unique, tasty flavours. Their delicious dishes, paired with the layers of history of the building hosting the restaurant, make the Rattle Owl a must-visit restaurant inYork.

Il Paradiso del Cibo is adored by locals and for a good reason. Dubbed Little Italy, II Paradiso del Cibo offers a varied menu, including fresh pasta and Italian pizza cooked in a wood-burning pizza oven! You can be sure the taste is out of this world. Not only that, this restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere with excellent services. You’ll enjoy their varied menu and cosy setup.


Special occasion dining

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Best Affordable Restaurants in York

Shambles Food Court has shaped the growing street food scene in York. Tucked in the famous shambles market, the food court serves a wide range of delicious street foods from Thai dishes to Indian cuisine to gourmet hotdogs. Shambles Food Court is perfect for lunch treats. It’s also a great fun spot as it hosts many late evening events throughout the year.

The Block is a contemporary, stylish local restaurant with an ever-evolving pizza menu for veggies, vegans and meat lovers. The Block never disappoints whether you settle for your usual pizza treat or try something new. This is the restaurant you drop in for a quick lunch when shopping or that brief work break.

The Pig and Pastry serve a wide range of healthy delicacies at an affordable price. The restaurant serves meat dishes but also has vegan-friendly options that change daily. More than the mouthwatering dishes, the atmosphere is great and the staff friendly.

The Best Special Occasions Restaurants in York

The Star Inn the City has grown to be the local’s favourite since its opening in 2013. The diner’s unique location at the old Engine House on the edge of York’s Museum Gardens makes it a favourite spot for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthday celebrations and graduation ceremonies.

Arras is the place that comes to mind when you think of fine dining. The lovely atmosphere combined with great meals and good wine makes it a perfect eatery for birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and weddings.

Le Cochon Aveugle has a multi-course taste menu that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything. The lightly vintage-styled restaurant has a range of fantastic food and a lovely selection of wines. At the core of their culinary, is locally sourced produce from local farmers.

The Best Indian Cuisine Restaurants in York

Indian cuisine

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29 States The Indian Kitchen offers authentic Indian cuisine at a reasonable price. They have a wide range of meat-based and vegetarian dishes.

Bombay Spice serves generous portions of Indian and Bangladeshi dishes at affordable prices. Their wide range of offerings are delicious and the absolute best. This local curry house has a superb atmosphere, a contemporary internal design that’s stylish and inviting.

Indian Lounge is a truly outstanding Indian and Bengali restaurant that caters for a wide range of tastes in a vibrant, comfortable environment. Their mouthwatering dishes will delight your taste buds, whether you are a vegetarian or meat lover.

The Best Italian Restaurants in York

Italian dish

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Bella Italia York gives you a sneak peek at the delightful taste of Italian cuisine. They have a wide selection of traditional Italian food, ranging from starters to main dishes to desserts. All prepared with traditional ingredients. On top of it, you get to enjoy refreshing cocktails from the heart of traditional Italian recipes.

Delrio’s Restaurant has a broad menu of Italian dishes. Their cocktails are second to none, and their Italian menu, authentic and delicious. The restaurant is a great spot whether you are looking for a table for two or a venue to celebrate a special occasion with friends.

La Vecchia Scuola serves only the very best of Italian cuisine. Their inventive and exciting menu is a pleasant experience. You’ll enjoy the great menu choice served in a comfortable environment at an affordable price.

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