Boost WiFi Signal In Your New House

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Moore’s law states that computing power doubles each year, and so we continually benefit from better technology. In the home, this means bigger screens, high definition displays, more devices, better streaming and the ever-growing “internet of things”.

boost wifi in your new home

For people moving into a new home, technology opens a world of opportunity. But amidst all these gadgets and gizmos we ask ourselves “can the wifi keep up with this”? Does it reach every nook and cranny of the home and garden? If not, why not? In this blog we give you some tips on how to boost the wifi signal in your new home, ensuring it gets to the farthest reaches of your property.

Which Room Should The Router Go In?

Needless to say, the closer an appliance is to your router, the better signal it will receive. For that reason, ensure your router is installed in a room that uses the most internet. Usually this is the living room, with its lavish HD televisions and gaming areas. That said, you may also consider putting your router in the study or home office, if you find that business has the greatest need for speedy internet.

Where To Position Your Wifi Router

If you have a choice in where your wifi router sits in your home, make it high, and central. Position it on a mantelpiece, a cabinet or a side table and ensure there aren’t any large objects or appliances obstructing it. Giving your Wifi a clear path to surrounding rooms is key in making sure everyone gets the best signal.

Big House? Invest In A Wifi Booster

No matter the router, sometimes a house is simply too large to accommodate your everyday Wifi package. Fortunately, there are products built specifically for boosting your wifi signal around the home. These work as mini routers, absorbing either the wireless signal or by piggybacking off the electrical mains to widen the coverage. Boosters are available on most broadband providers, inclined the Talk Talk Powerline Adaptor, Virgin Powerline Kit or BT Broadband Extenders.

A combination of these steps will have your downloading, recording and streaming in no time. But before you plug in, make sure you set aside some precious time to explore the new neighbourhood!

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