Design Tips For Your New Office

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We tend to have fixed views on office layouts. They’re so normal in everyday life that we take them for granted. However, if you have recently moved office you may want to experiment with newer design trends that feel very ‘2016’.

Standing Desks

They might sound odd at first, but standing desks encourage good posture, creativity and alertness. The option of a standing desk in the corner might give people a fresh burst from sitting around all day. That’s not to say you are forcing people upright all the time; standing desks can be fitted with stools and chairs as before. They’re also a great space saver.

Recreation Room

Some offices run the risk of being too formalised - every room with its purpose, every item labelled. Creativity needs room to breathe and what’s needed is a space that allows that. When your team are drumming up ideas for the company’s next move, the strict order of chairs and tables might be suffocating.

What’s needed is a neutral area that allows your brain to hop from one idea to another. Now that smoking indoors is out, it’s past time offices converted their spare rooms into free-thinking recreation areas. Consider the following:

  • Beanbags
  • Crayons
  • Craft
  • SofasPaper
  • Foam Rollers
  • Throws

While you might balk at the idea of beanbags in the workplace, consider the widespread use of tablet computers and how they fill the gap between the work desk and the recreation room. Workers can just as easily be productive in comfort as they can on a swivel chair.

Daylight Lamps

As a removal firm we are out and about daily, but that’s not so for many office workers. Like it or not, people spend a large amount of time in the office. We are so used to the dull glow of halogen that we don’t stop to try the alternatives. Consider brightening the office with a few daylight lamps. They look great, are far better for the eyes and help remedy Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter.

Reasons for needing to move office

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