Eight Free Fun Things to Do in Leeds

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Aching to enjoy the city of Leeds on a tight budget? Well, we have a comprehensive list of free things to do in Leeds. We've sampled the best places you can explore in the magnificent city without spending a penny. Read on to find out the top eight places to enjoy in Leeds.

Travel Through History at Royal Armouries

Boasting a staggering 1.5 million visitors annually, Royal Armouries have a rich collection of arms, armour, and treasures from across the globe. The museum stands out as one of the largest and oldest armour museums in the world. In the U.K., it's the oldest.

Royal Armouries houses 75,000 collections that constitute armours and weapons used throughout history from the early medieval knight. You'll also explore treasures from India, Japan, Europe, the wild west and even the Ottoman empire.

More than the fascinating display of treasures, weapons, and armour, you may get a shot at firing a crossbow. You may also enjoy a live demonstration of how the weapons were used. The museum is free, but since there are many visitors, you should book in advance.

Stroll Through Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park is one of its kind. Known as one of the largest city parks in Europe, Roundhay is a good gate away from the noisy city life. With over one million visitors every year, it's the perfect spot for outdoor lovers.

The park is seated on 700-acre city council land. It has a formal garden, two lakes, two playgrounds, a folly castle, and a land train. There are several access paths, so you can move around easily.

You can walk around and enjoy the scenic garden. If you've gone with kids, the playground is free of charge so they can have as much fun as they want. Important to note, though, you'll pay a small fee for the tropical world and the land train.

There is a restaurant and a pub at the park where you can grab bites and have drinks.

Savour Leed's History at Leeds City Museum

Leeds City Museum is yet another free thing to do in Leeds. The museum is 200 years old, and it's right in the city centre. The museum has a rich history of Leeds. Beyond that, you'll enjoy the history of ancient Egypt and Greece pottery. Leeds City Museum also boasts a wide range of artefacts recovered through history. It's the perfect place for history lovers.

You can check the museum's website to find out about the exhibitions they've advertised. Usually, there are charges for the exhibitions. It will also be a good idea to check the museum's opening time before planning your trip.

Explore Contemporary Art at the Tetley

If you are an art lover, you'll definitely love the Tetley. It's located in the former Tetley brewery. Many would argue that it's one of the most iconic structures in Leeds.

The Tetley exhibits a collection of contemporary arts on its three floors. It hosts events and fun activities throughout the year that you can enjoy as a family.

You can also try your hand at the free art workshops. Suppose you want to grab a bite. You can sample delicious food at their Tetley kitchen. It's one way to support the art gallery as all the collections from the eatery go to the Tetley art program.

Enjoy an Evening Stroll at Kirkstall Abbey

Another interesting free thing to do in Leeds is exploring Kirkstall Abbey, an iconic landmark that was once a Cistercian monastery. The ruins have a rich British history that's worth exploring. You can also learn about the life of monks.

Kirkstall Abbey is a peaceful place that combines the beauty of nature and the fascinating facts of history. An evening walk or a Sunday afternoon stroll is the perfect way to explore the picturesque environment and learn about the history of the Abbey ruins.

Try the Eclectic Leeds Welcome Art Trail

The welcome Art trail is one of the free things to do in Leeds city centre that you wouldn't want to miss. The trail starts right outside the train station with the five-letter spelling of Leeds with unique illustrations that keep changing.

From there, you'll have a great time exploring the poetry on the pavement, historical and contemporary structures, curved stones, murals and the biggest stained glass in the country.

Leeds Welcome Art trail is a fun way to explore the city while enjoying the wide array of public arts from decades ago to modern day contemporary art.

Go For an Adventure at the Meanwood Valley Local Nature Reserve

The nature reserve is a great way to enjoy nature in a seemingly remote area. Meadow Valley Local Nature Reserve is made up of woodland, meadow, lowland heath, and two watercourses: Adel Beck and Meadow Beck. The Becks are home to the native white-clawed crayfish, bullhead, and stone loach.

Meadow is a great way to experience nature, away from the hustles and bustles of the city. You'll enjoy the nature trail.

Walk Around Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam is free to visit. You can explore the beautiful gardens, the lake, and the park. You can also go hiking or running on the nature trail. Temple Newsam also has special exhibitions you can attend and activities for kids during the school holiday.

More than that, there is the farm where you can meet friendly animals. You can also wander through the historic building and explore the beautiful interior. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you'll enjoy GoApe.

Please note that the other activities are paid for apart from the gardens, lake, and park.

Undoubtedly, A Great City to Live In

Leeds is a beautiful city with a lot to explore in the city and the countryside. Suppose its stunning countryside and vibrant city life has swept you off your feet, and you are thinking of relocating. Don't hesitate to reach out to 1 Van 1 Man Removals. We are your go-to local Leeds removals company.

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