Security Tips For Leaving An Empty Home On Holiday

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Gone are the days when you could go away and leave your front door unlocked. As the home fills with expensive technology, so too does the need to keep it secure. In this blog post, we are going to dish out some advice on home security. Are you ready? Let’s crack on.

empty home security tips for holiday

Put Your Lights On A Timer

It’s an age old tactic but one that really works. No one in their right mind is going to break into an occupied house, are they?

Buy a few socket timers (available at just about every homeware/hardware shop) and attach them to choice lamps around the house. Have them turn on in the evenings to give your property the appearance of being occupied. For the perfectionists, try and time the upstairs lights to come on as the downstairs ones switch off.

Needless to say, this only works if people can see inside your house, and you hardly want the curtains open in the daytime…

Net Curtains

A telltale sign of an empty house is an open room where nothing changes. Unless you rig up something Home Alone would be proud of, you can’t really time your curtains to open and close every day. This is where net curtains come in. They obscure the view so that nobody is really sure whether you’re in or not. Light from the aforementioned timers will glow nice and clear, and yet nobody will see what’s going on in the living room.

Think Security Systems Cost Big Money? Think Again

You no longer have to live in a gated mansion to afford decent home security. With the boom of the smartphone comes really decent CCTV equivalents. There are dozens of apps and home security systems on the market at a really affordable price. You could be sunning yourself in Spain and, at the tap of a button, could beam into your bedroom and make sure no-one is prying around.

Reach Out To Neighbours

For all the fanciful advances in technology, it’s reassuring to know that a real, dependable person is at hand. If you get on with your neighbours, reach out to them and ask that they keep an eye on the place. Give them a set of keys, your telephone number, then sweeten the deal with a bottle of wine and some promised treats from abroad.

How do you keep your home safe and secure over the holidays? If you have any tips we’d love to know! Give us your top tips via our contact page or by mentioning us across social media.

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