Make Your First Night in a New Place Comfortable With These Tips

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Moving into a new home is always exciting but tiring. Sleeping in a new flat for the first time is one of the things you might look forward to after a long day of driving, carrying boxes, and rearranging furniture. However, having a comfortable first night in a new place is not always that simple. You might have to rummage through all your belongings to find what you need for a night’s sleep, which might leave everything in a disorganised state.

The secret to enjoying your first night in your new home is the “essential box.” The idea is simple: you should find everything you need for your first night inside this box without needing to ransack your things. If you want to have a smooth transition, use this article as your guide. 

What to Find in Your Essential Box

Separating the urgent and important items from the rest of your belongings will make the first night more manageable for you. You simply need to divide your items according to usage and label them correctly. Here is a sample packing list you can follow to make sure you will not forget anything.

1. Your Personal Items

This package is where you will find all the stuff you need for a comfortable sleep, such as: 

  • Toiletries

  • Clean towel

  • Spare clothes or pyjamas

  • Prescriptions, if applicable

  • Beddings

2. Other Useful Items

Besides sleeping, you will also need to eat and perform other household tasks. Make sure that there is a specific container designated for these items. What you might see in this box is any of the following:

  • Your food (if you brought some)

  • Paper plates, cutlery, and cups for eating

  • Coffee maker and coffee beans

  • Electronics (charger, battery packs, cables, etc.)

  • Toilet paper

  • Hand soap

  • Trashbag

  • Pen and paper

3. Family Needs

If you are moving with the family, you must also address their needs. If you are bringing an infant or a pet, make sure that their supplies are within reach. 

Bring all baby supplies, comfort items, and toys to keep them entertained. For your pets, make sure that they have accessible food and water, litter box, toys, medicine, bedding, and other accessories.1

4. Your Valuables

You cannot just leave your important documents or jewellery in a separate vehicle. Keep them close to you at all times. Secure all the important documents you need, including anything related to your flat transfer. Make sure they are well-protected and stored.

Other Tips for a Pleasant First Night

Apart from having all your essentials in one place, here are some other tips to make your first night cosy and enjoyable:

  • Plan Your Dinner: Things can get messy during removal, especially when you are hungry. Make sure before you lose your temper that you already have good food waiting. Whether you plan on preparing the meal yourself or ordering takeaway, do so in advance.

  • Prepare the Bathroom and Bedroom: The bedroom and bathroom are the first things you need to set up. After all, one is your place of rest, and the other your place of self-cleaning. Place all your toiletries, beddings, and other essentials in their proper location, so you can rest well and feel fresh when all is done. 

  • Assist Your Pets: Your pets will need help adjusting to their new surroundings. Do what you can to make them feel more comfortable with the transition.


Make your move less stressful by following these tips. Preparing the essential kit and separating it from the rest of your belongings can lessen the difficulty of changing residences and improve your overall first-night-in-a-new-home experience. 

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