5 Places to Get Free Cardboard Boxes for Moving

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Moving house can be an expensive affair. This is why free cardboard boxes are a perfect place to get started if you are looking to cut costs here and there. But where can you get the free packing boxes?

There are many places where you can get free moving boxes; you only need to look harder. In some cases, a few clicks online will save you the agony. Other times, you’ll have to step out and do the search manually. Whatever the option, here are five places to get free cardboard boxes in the U.K.

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Find Friends Who Moved Recently

Start your search for moving boxes by finding out if there are friends who moved houses recently. You can also check the neighbourhood if someone moved in. After a move, people are usually more than ready to get rid of the cardboard boxes as they take up too much space.

Another proven strategy is tapping into the power of social media. Update your status on your favourite social media platform asking for free moving boxes. You’ll be surprised how many people just moved and are more than happy to help. You might even be lucky enough to find help with the packing.

Facebook has many groups that you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one within your area that deals with swaps or free offers. A quick search for local Facebook groups will give you many options to choose from. Join the ones where members seem friendly and post often. Go ahead and ask if anyone has used cardboard boxes for moving.

Learning Institutions

Every academic year college students move into college houses and dorms with lots of boxes carrying their stuff, but you’ll hardly see those boxes taken out. The students will be delighted to give away the moving boxes as they unpack and create more space to settle in and start the school year.

Drop in the local middle, elementary or high school and check with the administration if they have any cardboard boxes they are not using. Often, schools receive sturdy boxes that carry heavy books. There are also high chances that they’ll be clean.

Although many schools reuse their boxes, you can’t fail to find a few pieces they are not using.

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Local Recycling Centre

What is the best way to get free cardboard boxes than checking where unwanted boxes are dumped for recycling? A quick stop at your local recycling centre will give you a wide option of moving boxes to choose from.

Talk to the attendant or the manager to find out if packing boxes are available. You can also check the cardboard box bin.

You want to be careful when choosing boxes from the recycling centre. Be sure to check for any wet spots, bugs, or unidentified stains. Only pick boxes that are clean and completely dry.

In addition to that, most of the boxes at the recycling centre are broken, and therefore you’ll need packing tape to fix the broken parts.


In the U.K., you can get free boxes for moving homes on two major websites, Freecycle and Craigslist.


A simple search on Craigslist will give you an idea if there are any free moving boxes within your area.

You can start your search in the free section. Find out if there is anyone offering cardboard boxes for free. You also want to confirm their location to find out how long it will take you to pick the boxes and the transport cost you’ll incur. If the time and transport cost go overboard, it will be best to find an alternative option.

Free cardboard boxes for moving

You can also post that you are looking for free cardboard boxes in the wanted section. You might be lucky enough to find someone who is giving away their moving boxes. Usually, someone offering a free item will check this section before posting their offer.

Lastly, enter a search query, “free cardboard boxes”, in the search section, and go through the available options.


To get started, join a Freecycle group in your town. Post on the group that you are looking for free moving boxes. Some Freecycle groups will require you to give something for free to get a free item in return. Be sure to check the rules.

Pro tip: You’ll have higher chances of getting free cardboard for moving if you launch your search over the weekend and as the week starts, because most people unpack their stuff and clean up over the weekend.

Retail Shops in Your Area

Try your luck in the local supermarket, bookshop, home improvement stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and warehouse clubs. All these retail shops receive their stock in boxes.

Call the manager and inquire if there are cardboard boxes they are no longer using. If you want to get the boxes in good shape, you can further ask the days when they get big shipments and the timings in order to pick the cardboard boxes when they are still clean and unbroken.

You can also opt to drive down the alleyway of these stores and check if there are any boxes in the cardboard recycling bin. It’s a common courtesy to still check in with the store before picking the boxes.

The worst case scenario is a no. Regardless, most of these retail stores receive their stock in bulk. They’ll be happy to get rid of the boxes to avoid the stress of reaping them apart for recycling.

Bonus point: Your Removal Company

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