How Much Does The Average House Removal Company Cost?

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On the surface, furniture removal seems like a piece of cake. But, is it? More often than not, you’ll need the help of professionals, especially if you are moving big furniture or several pieces. And that begs the question, how much will it cost you? While several factors influence how much it will cost, we’ll give you an overview of what you can expect to spend on average.

Furniture removals services

Furniture Removal Cost

When settling for a furniture removals company, you should have a rough idea of the costs. Factors like the type of furniture, distance, the quantity of the furniture, and any other additional requests concerning the delivery affect the cost.

That said, here is the average cost of a sofa, desk, and armchair, depending on the distance.





1- 50 miles

£20- £56

£16- £80

£16- £48

50-150 miles

£48- £80

£32- £96

£32- £72

150-300 miles

£50 £120


£44- £104

These are average furniture removal costs depending on the distance.

Generally speaking, you can expect to spend £70 for a desk removal, £65 for an armchair and £50 for a sofa. A table will cost an average of £52. On the other hand, a bed will cost £63, and a wardrobe may cost around £50.

As we mentioned, these are just averages. The exact amount will depend on several other factors. So, get a quote from local companies to have an overview of furniture removal costs before you settle for one.

International Furniture Removal Cost

If you are moving your furniture to another country, you’ll need a lot of planning, but that’s where furniture removal companies come in. So how much will you spend moving your furniture from the UK to European Union countries? Here is a breakdown.















To give you a clearer picture, moving a desk from Paris to the UK will cost £72. An armchair from Ireland is £76 while moving the same from Spain is around £140. Suppose you want to move a sofa from the UK to Denmark, Germany, Sweden or France. The cost will be around £193. At the same time, moving a bed from Belgium to the UK is around £112.

And there you have it! An overview of furniture removal costs here in the UK and abroad. Your best bet will be to contact several furniture removal companies, get a quote from them, and check their reviews online before settling for the best choice.

Tips for Finding the Right Furniture Removal Company

Finding the right furniture removal company can be an uphill task if you don’t know how to go about it. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to guide you to make an informed choice.

Get Recommendations

Instead of using your intuition or randomly searching online, ask friends and family members about the furniture removal companies they’ve used. You can also check reviews online to find out what other customers are saying. These people will give you first-hand information about their experience, which will help you make an informed choice about the best company.

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Request for a Quote

Get a detailed quote from the moving company in good time. You must have an overview of the overall cost before the moving day. Remember, the cheapest company is not necessarily the best. In the same breath, an expensive one does not automatically provide the best services. So, take your time to find the company that offers the best value at competitive prices.

Check Customizability

Reputable companies give room for customization. They allow you to get additional services you may need during the moving process. They should offer other services apart from furniture removals. Perhaps house removal, rubbish removal or both. They should also have supplies for packing, like boxes, furniture blankets, dollies and so on.

Benefits of Using a Furniture Removal Company

Furniture removal cost

To the big question, why choose a furniture removal company instead of doing it yourself? Here are our top three reasons why a furniture removal company is your best bet.

Packing and Loading

Straight-up packing and loading can be a hell of a job when moving furniture. But it doesn't have to be if you are using experts. Furniture removal companies have specialized equipment to load furniture. Additionally, they wrap the furniture using protective materials to ensure they are unharmed.


Furniture removal company take care of everything from packing to loading to transport. Transport can be a huge headache, adding to the already stressful situation. With a furniture removal company, you are sure your items will be transported safely to the destination. Suppose you resort to selling your items in the online marketplace. Still, a furniture removal company can deliver them to the destination conveniently.


Furniture removal companies with full insurance coverage ensure any damages are compensated, giving you the peace of mind that you so much need when moving your furniture.

Large Furniture Removal Services

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