How Does House Clearance Companies Work?

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House clearance can be a major task depending on whether it's a few items, a section of the house, or the whole house. The process is time-consuming‌ that's why using a professional house clearance company is advised. In this article, we will cover what a house clearance company is and what you can expect when hiring one.

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What is House Clearance?

House clearance services are used to fully or partially remove household contents. Typically, house clearance is used between lets to clear the house for the next tenant. Landlords or house agents usually hire a house clearance company to remove unwanted clutter from a flat, an apartment, or a house left by the previous tenant and get the house ready for a new occupant.

Secondly, house clearance services come in handy when a hoarder wants to clear the excessive items in their house. Furthermore, these services are crucial when downsizing, and there are items ‌one doesn't want to move with. And lastly, when one is bereaved, they may find it easier to use a house clearance company to clear the house of the departed loved one and sell the house or hand it over to the landlord.

How to Choose a House Clearance Company?

When choosing a removal company, there are several things you need to look into. Start your search by checking the local listing. A quick search online will also give you several house clearance companies within your area. Remember to check reviews.

The next important thing to consider is the legitimacy of the company. Is the company licensed and insured? Is it registered? Why is this important? If the company dumps your waste illegally, you'll be in trouble. You may be liable for a fine of up to £5,000. The registration status is important because it's almost impossible for a reputable licensed company to dump waste carelessly.

Once you've settled for a legitimate house clearance company, ring them to know about their requirements. You'll also need to give details about the property size and the volume of the stuff you want to be cleared. Some companies give you quotes over the phone depending on the detail you give about the quantity of the items to be removed. Others will visit your property to conduct a survey and give you a quote.

During this time, you are supposed to inquire about what they do with the house clearance content. Many house clearance companies dispose of items in an environmentally friendly manner, except for a few crooks in the industry. They may donate usable items to charity. Some donate things like bendings and clothes to animal shelters to be repurposed for dogs' bedding and so on. While all these are possibilities, it's important to let the house clearance company tell you themselves what they do with the waste.

How to Prepare for a House Clearance

So, the house clearance company has visited and given you a quote plus the tentative date for the house clearance. The next question is, how do you prepare for the clearance to give the crew an easy time on the clearance day? Keep reading to find out.

If you have items ‌you don't want to be removed, this is the time to set them aside. You can pack them in boxes and later donate them to charity or sell them. These may include easily damaged things, like antiques, jewellery, photos, or ornaments.

Again, you can have everything you don't want to be removed on a list and inform the clearance company about these items before the clearance begins. They'll put them on the side as they clear every other thing in the house. Some clearance companies offer storage services. So, they can store these items if need be until you are ready. Storage services will call for an additional fee.

How Does House Clearance Work?

Clearance companies have different requirements. The company will tell you about their requirements before the house clearance day. For instance, a house clearance company may request that you prepare the items to be removed or place them outside in an easy-to-access area to make it easier to load them in the van. Some companies will give you a discount if they find everything as they instructed.

On the clearance day, the contractors will arrive at the agreed time, introduce themselves and start removing the house content. Suppose there are valuable items. As discussed earlier, the contractors will place them aside or buy them from you. The company will pay you if the valuables are worth more than the house clearance fee. Lastly, house clearance companies don't dispose of hazardous waste. However, they'll guide you on the way forward.

How Much Does House Clearance Cost?

When it comes to the cost of house clearance services, several factors will determine how much you pay: your location, the volume of the content, and the house clearance company you've settled for. Mostly, the cost, to a large extent, depends on the size of the items and the quantity.

If you are comparing quotes from different companies, you'll realize that the prices are almost the same. Hence, be cautious of companies that are too cheap. You may end up paying more because of poor waste disposal.

On average, here is what you can expect to pay:

  • Small clearance that's around 250kg starts from £80.

  • The cost of half a van, about 500kg, starts from £175

  • Suppose it's a medium clearance, weighing 750 kg. You can expect to pay £250 and above.

  • For a full van, 1000kg of house content, the costs start from £320.

Some clearance companies will charge you an extra fee for items like a mattress, a fridge, and a freezer because of the government regulations concerning clearance and disposal of the same. But, they'll inform you in advance.


That's all about house clearance services. We hope your concerns have been addressed, and you now have a better understanding of how house clearance works and what you can expect. So, go forth and choose a good house clearance company and enjoy excellent services without stress. All the best in your house clearance plans!

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