How Much Do You Tip Movers

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To tip or not to tip is the million-dollar question when moving house. Many people interested in tipping movers wonder how much they should tip. Some are stuck at whether they should actually tip when they’ve paid an arm and a leg to the removal company. Well, we are about to unravel these tricky questions.

Should I Tip Movers?

Let’s set the record straight from the onset. Tipping movers is NOT an obligation. The moving crew doesn’t expect you to tip them, but they won’t mind if you do. Often, people give tips when they are impressed by the services offered. Giving tips to professionals in the service industry is customary, and it’s often left at the client’s discretion. And so, just like you tip a delivery person, you may choose to tip movers if they do an impressive job. It communicates that you appreciate the hard work that went into safely moving your belongings.

Tip movers

Now that the contentious issue is out of the way. Let’s delve into this act of gratitude. Suppose you choose to tip movers. How much should you tip? Should you only tip money, or are there other ways to show appreciation? Keep reading to find out.

How Much Do People Usually Tip Movers

Your movers may have gone above and beyond to ensure the moving day is seamless, despite the many handles that could have jeopardized the whole process. And when they are done, you could be stuck on how much to tip. How much is too much or too little?

It all depends on you and how much you are willing to tip. But to give you a rough idea, you should tip movers 15%-20% of the total removal cost for a large move. If it’s a small move, 5%-10% will suffice. You’ll split this amount among all the crew members. Suppose percentages don’t work for you. Here is an alternative. You can tip movers at £10 per person for moves that take half a day. Suppose it takes a whole day. Then £20 to £30 will do. If the move takes over 12 hours, you can settle for anything between £40 and £50.

Now, remember, these are approximations. Ultimately, how much you tip movers will solely depend on the job done. Even more important, you don’t have to tip money alone. There are other ways to show gratitude that you can explore. Here are some ideas.

Keep the movers hydrated:In hot weather, it will be great to have bottles of water to quench their thirst. We are talking bottles because there are high chances you will have packed the water glasses.

Provide snacks:sometimes moves can take hours or even the whole day. In such instances, movers may be hungry. So, you can give them snacks, say biscuits and tea or coffee. You may also resort to takeaway food or cold beer once they are done.

If the job is well done, it will be great to leave a positive review, mentioning the name of the crew members and what exactly they did that wowed you. This way, the company can recognize their effort.

Factors to Consider When Deciding How Much to Tip Movers

The essence of a tip is to show appreciation. It’s a reward you give someone for a good job, although you’ve already paid for the services offered. For that reason, it’s only logical to tip movers if you are satisfied with their job.

So, here are indicators that show the movers did a great job

  • They showed up on time and went straight to work.

  • They were nice, friendly, and sociable from the time they arrived.

  • They treat your household items with care. If you watch how they handle items to or from the house, you’ll notice they are careful with fragile household items.

  • They are efficient and professional.

  • They work hard. This means doing exactly what you paid them to do instead of deliberately extending the moving duration by frequently taking cigarette breaks or using the bathroom. This is a common delay tactic, especially if you are paying by the hour.

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If the removal company did all these things, you could consider a tip. It’s well-deserved. When tipping movers, reward them individually according to their performance and attitude. What you shouldn’t do is give the tip to the foreman. They may distribute it among the crew members or not. Who knows?

As we said at the beginning of this article, tipping is not mandatory, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to tip if the movers didn’t meet your expectations. Some of the indicators to skip tipping movers include:

  • The movers showed up late with no tangible explanation or informing you prior.

  • They were disrespectful, rude, cold, or complained throughout the moving process.

  • They were careless and damaged your items and didn’t inform you.

  • The moving process took way longer than expected, with no explanation.

  • The movers were highly unprofessional.

  • Failed to acknowledge and apologize for their mistakes, i.e. lateness, damages and poor services.

  • The movers asked for the tip themselves. That’s being rude as you should voluntarily offer to give a tip if you were impressed with their services. It’s not for them to ask.

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