How Much Does It Cost to Move a Three-Bedroom House?

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Apart from the stress of moving house, the expense that comes with it can be overwhelming, especially if you have many items. The cost of moving house is directly proportional to the volume of items one has. That said, if you are moving to a three-bedroom house, you are probably wondering how much it will cost to move all the stuff that has piled up over the years.

Well, no need to worry! We want to break down the cost of moving a three-bedroom house and help you budget in advance. Here is just how much it will cost you. We'll also cover how moving companies calculate the moving cost and what you can do to keep the cost low.

Cost of moving a three-bedroom house

The Cost of Moving a Three-bedroom House

The cost of moving a three-bedroom house varies depending on the distance to the new destination, although other factors also influence the cost. The average cost of moving a three-bedroom house over a 25 miles distance is £550. Suppose the distance is 50 miles. It will cost you £900.

Assuming you are moving over 100 miles, the cost goes up to £1,000. Moving over 200 miles starts from £1,300, and 250 miles may cost £1,500. Please note that these are averages. The actual cost will depend on the distance to the new destination and other factors, including the volume of the items you are moving, loading time, additional services, and items that require special care of special removal equipment.

How Do Moving Companies Calculate Moving Cost?

Moving companies look at several factors to settle for the cost of moving a house. Let's now shift gears and look at the factors and how to keep the moving cost low.

Distance to the New Location and Accessibility

Straight up, the distance between the old house and the new house is a crucial factor in the cost of moving a three-bedroom house. Local moves will definitely be cheaper than long-distance moves. Usually, removal companies have a standard charge per mile.

Another factor when talking about distance is how accessible is the old and new home? Will movers find it difficult to park their van? How about retrieving items from the front door to the van? Are the county lanes restricted? Is there a weight-restricted bridge that will make it difficult for a large van to pass?

If both the new home and old house are easily accessible, the cost will go down. On the other hand, an inaccessible location may lead to a higher cost. Why? The removal company may need to use a smaller van, which will translate to more trips.

The volume of Household Items

Packing for a move

The second most important factor is the volume of household items.

The amount of items translates to the space the items will take in the van. It also influences the number of crew members and hence the cost per head. Additionally, it influences the size of the van and the time it takes to load and unload. Suppose the removal company will be doing the packing. The volume of items will translate to more packing materials and time, which will lead to increased cost.

Additional Services

Additional services like packing and unpacking attract more cost. So is assembling and reassembling or disconnecting and reconnecting things like washing machines. Any other extra service you need will increase the cost of moving to a three-bedroom house.

Items that Require Special Care or Special Removal Equipment

If you have expensive items like china sets, antiques or fine artwork that require special packing, it will cost you more. This is because the crew members will take time to pack them and also use several materials when packaging to ensure their safety.

Additionally, moving things like bathtubs that require special equipment translates to extra fees.

How to Keep the Cost Low

The cost of moving a three-bedroom house can be on the higher or lower side, depending on how you prepare before the move. Hence, to help you keep the cost low, here are three tips.

Declutter and Create an Inventory

One of the factors that influence the cost of moving a three-bedroom house is the volume of items. The bigger the volume, the higher the cost. So, it will be in your best interest to keep the volume low.

That said, weeks before the moving day, go through your belongings and clear out items that you don't need. You can sell them, donate or take them to the tip. The decluttering process should be thorough.

Once you are done with decluttering, create a list of items that you'll keep to ensure you'll not be moving with anything unnecessary.

Compare the Moving Quotes

house removal quote

Removal companies usually conduct pre-move surveys. This survey allows them to have a clear picture of the quantity of your items, accessibility, and items that need special requirements.

Typically, removal companies charge depending on the cubic footage of the items you need to be moved. The charge per cubic foot is between £0.75 and £1. Suppose you are living in a big city. It may be more than that.

Once you've received the quotes, go through the quotes from different companies and settle for the one that gives you the best value for your money and is reliable.

Pack and Unpack Yourself

Packing and unpacking can significantly increase the cost of moving house. On average, packing a three-bedroom house can be £450. You can save that cost by packing yourself and only incur the cost of packing supplies. But you can also cut down that cost if you leverage free moving boxes. The only setback is that it may take quite some time to pack everything.

Ready to move?

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