How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost

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Many things may lead to a pile-up of rubbish. A renovation project, a shed and garage clean out, or even frequently used rooms in your house may have accumulated a lot of waste. In all these instances you may need rubbish removal services.

The one question that may linger on your mind for days on end when it comes to clearing the rubbish pile in your home is how much does rubbish removal cost? Well, you are at the right place. We'll give you an overview of rubbish removal costs and the factors that may affect the overall cost.

 Rubbish removal

The Average Rubbish Removal Cost

The cost of rubbish removal depends on several factors. Top on the list is your location. Rubbish removal costs tend to be high in London and the southeast. Other factors like the quantity of rubbish, the weight of rubbish, the type of rubbish, the method of collection and the disposal method also affect how much it costs to get rid of junk.

Rubbish removals company charge in cubic yard, van load or weight of the rubbish collected. Apart from these charges, you'll find a set fee for some individual items like a refrigerator, T.V. and mattress. It will be best to make inquiries about cost structure early on.

That's said, let's shift our focus to the average rubbish removal cost using van load. A full van load ranges from 1,000kg to 1,200kg. For this quantity of rubbish, the cost ranges from £270-£295. A three-quarter load is about 800kg-900kg and costs £200-£250.

Half a van load weighs somewhere between 500kg-700kg. This amount of waste will cost you around £150-£170. Next, we have a quarter load. A quarter load could be anything from 200kg-330kg. This amount of rubbish costs anything from £90-£100. Finally, the least amount of rubbish that a rubbish removal company can take is 100kg. For this one, the cost is between £50 and £70.

Usually, these companies have a weight allowance beyond which you have to pay extra money. Additionally, anticipate the cost of removing specific items. A mattress can cost £15, whereas a refrigerator can be £75. Often, the cost of these individual items ranges from £15 to £75.

Now, these are averages. The actual amount will depend on the waste removal services as the cost structure varies. Some companies charge per kilogram of waste. In this case, the charges often start at £30 per kg.

Rubbish removal cost

There are also labour charges where labour is charged hourly, starting at £60. If it's an hourly rate and you have a lot of junk that will require more labour per hour than the usual number, you can expect to pay more. The charges for additional labour range from £10-£15.

Suppose you resort to skip hire. You can expect to pay between £105 and £295. On average, skip hire costs £200 per skip. On the other hand, a man with a van will cost you between £64-£94 per hour. The average hourly cost is £79.

Now that we've given you a rough idea of rubbish removal costs, let's dissect some of the factors that may make these costs go up or down. Keep reading.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Rubbish Removal

There are several factors that influence the cost of rubbish removal. Let's take a sneak peek at some of the things that may lead you to pay more or less.

Quantity of Rubbish

The quantity of rubbish is the most important factor determining rubbish removal cost. If a rubbish removal company charges depending on the quantity of rubbish, the more the junk, the higher the cost. If the charges are per van load, then the quantity of rubbish won't matter.

Weight of the Rubbish

Heavy materials like builders' waste which may include bricks or debris, will cost more than domestic waste. Waste from construction sites is usually charged depending on weight and not quantity. And since they are heavy, they'll weigh more, which will bump up the rubbish removal cost.

Another reason for the increased cost is that waste removal companies use specific tracks specifically dedicated to rubble removal. Moreover, this kind of waste may take more time to load and more labour.

Type of Rubbish

Types of rubbish

Different types of rubbish require different disposal strategies. For example, rubble, fridge, mattress, T.V., furniture and garden waste have different disposal methods. For that reason, their disposal charges may be higher.

The Collection Method

As we've mentioned earlier, there are different rubbish collection methods. You can resort to man and van, house clearance company, rubbish clearance services, or skip. Each of these services has different rates. A mid-sized skip may cost you £250, that's inclusive of the permit and VAT. A rubbish removal company charging per cubic yard may cost you £96 for 10 minutes of labour and two cubic yards of waste. A man and van charges will be different.

Waste Disposal Method

If your waste includes hazardous materials, there are high chances that the cost will go up. This is because a lot goes into disposing of hazardous items. Suppose you have bulky or heavy items. They may also contribute to extra charges. Usually, waste removal companies have fixed weight costs. Weight above the quote leads to extra charges.

The Amount of Labour

Lastly, labour also contributes towards the overall rubbish removal cost. Waste removal costs always include labour costs from the get-go. The labour charges will vary from one company to the next. However, services like skip don't come with labour. And just in case you need help, you'll need to pay an extra labour fee.


And there you have it — everything you need to know on how much rubbish removal costs. We've given you an overview of the average cost and the factors that may increase the total charges. 1 Van 1 Man Removals are veteran house removal company with years of experience in rubbish removal. Whether you want single item disposal or complete waste removal, we are happy to help. Call us today for a free quote.

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