How To Move Your Vintage Wine Collection

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Those of you that own a wine collection will be rightfully worried about how to move it. Not only do bottles have great sentimental worth, their combined value amounts to a lot!

In our experience, moving vintage wine takes care and preparation. Here’s what we’ve learnt about it through the years.

Get Your Collection Valued

Whether or not you intend to sell your wines, now is a good time to get it valued. Professional appraisers are available in most cities, and with their help you’ll be able to put an exact figure on your collection. This is especially useful for insurance purposes. As you’re moving house, it makes sense to do this now before anything gets transported.

You might also get a pleasant surprise! Moving house is an expensive process, and getting your wine valued might lead to some lucrative sales. Most appraisers buy and sell rare wines, so you could make a few bob if the temptation arises.

Pack Your Bottles Properly

There are tools for every job, and packing wine is no exception. You’ll need strong boxes, tissue paper, packing tape, dividers and attention to detail! See this illustrated tutorial to packing wine for more information.

It’s also possible to buy pre-built wine boxes, though these are a little more expensive.

Keep An Even, Controlled Temperature

The temperature of good wine can make or break its taste. The perceived wisdom is that you should keep it between 10 - 15 degrees celsius and that the temperature shouldn’t rise or fall too quickly.

If you’re transporting wine on a hot day, invest in some cool bags so that the bottles don’t suffer in a hot lorry.

If you’re moving wine in the cold, add extra padding between the dividers, then make sure the boxes sit in the middle of the van, avoiding any cold outside walls. 

Either way, move your wine last so it maintains that desired cellar temperature for as long as possible.

Let Your Wine Rest After The Journey

Once you’ve successfully moved, it’s tempting to uncork a bottle and celebrate. While we advise the gesture, we don’t recommend you open anything you’ve just moved. The bumps in the journey might ruin the taste, so let your wine rest for at least 10 days before opening. 

Instead, why not explore the neighbourhood and grab a bottle from the local shop? Either way, give yourself a pat on the back for having moved it all by yourself!

how to move a vintage wine collection

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