How To Pack The Computer & Gaming Areas

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People are dedicating an increasingly large amount of space to TV, computers and gaming. With VR on the way, who can blame them? Some consoles are front and centre in the living room, others occupy bedrooms, while some folks are so keen they dedicate an entire room to onscreen entertainment - be that a gaming hub or a home cinema. Whatever your preferences, here are some steps to help pack and organise your gaming and computer area.

packing the computer game area

Jewel Cases - Do You Really Need Them?

Remember the flimsy plastic jewel cases of the PS1? Remember stepping on them in the night, or watching them fall apart in your hands as you reached for the disc? Things haven’t changed much since then, and whether the PS4 or DVD, you’ll still have a bunch of fragile cases to contend with.

There’s an argument for keeping DVD cases; it’s fun to browse your bookshelf on a Friday night after all. That said, most films nowadays are stored on Netflix, Amazon, or whoever you use for online streaming. You can just as easily store your library on the cloud as you can on a shelf.

Consider pooling all your discs into a CD wallet to save space. For big collections, this can save boxes of space!

Secure Everything

PC towers may look tough, but they’re made of delicate parts that could become damaged on a bumpy journey. Just because they’re box shaped doesn’t mean you should pack them as-is. Wrap them carefully in bubblewrap and padded sheets, and pack them into bigger containers to ensure nothing gets bumped.

Sellotape is your friend. Use it to shut any loose features such as CD drives, lids and extendable TV stands. If you’ve got any left, use sellotape to wrap and compact loose cables, removal hard drives, game controllers and TV aerials. For bonus points, use masking tape and label each cord with its respective partner. Future you will be very grateful when they unpack a box fully of itemised, organised leads!

Some Sensible Dos; We Don’t Believe In Don’ts

  • Do unplug all cords and connectors from one another.
  • Do save your old boxes so that consoles/computers can fit snugly in their proper packaging.
  • Do wrap screens of all sizes in a few layers of bubblewrap.
  • Do pack electrical items on top of piles, not at the bottom.
  • Do set aside valuable downtime after you’ve moved to enjoy your new entertainment area!

It may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised at the amount of loose screens and jumbled discs we see when we arrive at properties. Stick to these rules and you won’t have such problems. Good luck!

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