How to Stay Organized During a Home Renovation

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If you have a renovation project, you may be wondering what is the best way to prepare yourself for the remodelling process. Well, you don't need to wonder anymore. We want to guide you on how you can clear your space, declutter and create room for renovation.

That said, here are clearing, organizing, and decluttering tips to ensure the renovation project causes little disruption in your life.

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Look at the Space Objectively

The first step to decluttering is to look into your space and have a clear picture of what you want to achieve at the end of the renovation project. This will help you come up with a decluttering strategy.

With the space in mind, get rid of everything that doesn't fit into the end game of the renovation project. If there is furniture, clothes, or other household items you won't use once the renovation is complete, it's better to sell them early on so that you can start afresh once the project is complete. The goal is to have fewer items to pack or store.

This is also where you'll decide whether you'll take the decluttering task yourself or hire a professional organizer. If you are doing it alone, take a systematic approach and clear the house from one room to the next. You may be required to live in fewer rooms than usual. The few rooms may also be multifunctional. That means you should be super-organized with a few rooms to meet your family's needs.

Be Systematic and Pack Smart

Decluttering during renovation gives you the opportunity to reach behind the cupboards and bookshelves you've never touched for ages. Pack up a room or two to create space for storing your belongings.

Another option is to store your belongings in the garage or the loft. The key is to check in advance if the doorway to these areas is large enough for the furniture to enter. Further, it's crucial to determine whether the space in these rooms is enough for all the stuff. If they can't fit, a self-storage facility may be a better option.

You can pack the items you frequently use in transparent storage boxes and label them clearly with the items they contain. Items you rarely use should go into cardboard boxes and be well labelled.

When packing, don't stuff the boxes too much. Otherwise, you risk the boxes breaking and the content getting damaged. Other decluttering tips to remember include:

  • Defrosting fridge and freezer

  • Removing batteries from electronic devices

  • Emptying fuel from gas tanks

  • Draining the lawn mower properly

Sell, Donate, Store

Decluttering tips

Categorize the items in your household into three categories: sell, donate or store. To do this job effectively, you'll need to identify the items in your house that you use and what you don't. Sell or donate the items that you don't use. You can leverage the many online platforms like Gumtree to find willing buyers.

The ones that are still in use should be packed and stored safely. Suppose there are items you are not using but can't sell or donate. You can pack and store them at a storage facility. You can also store these items in the shed.

Plan Your Daily Routine Accordingly

There's no doubt that renovation turns your life upside down. So, you need to plan your daily routine accordingly. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing your lifestyle. For instance, if you are renovating the kitchen, it will be best to set up a mini cook station elsewhere rather than mark time as the constructors' work continues.

You can also opt to move out during renovation to make your work easier. You can live with a relative or let your pets stay with a relative while you seek accommodation in a hotel during the period. There are also pet sitters you can hire for your pets.

Use Storage that Moves

To make your decluttering easier, use plastic storage boxes on wheels. With these containers, you can easily move from one spot to the next, packing clothes or other items from different parts of the house.

Also, leverage lightweight drawers on the wheel and a portable covered clothes rail to pack your clothes and keep dust off. Remember not to pack the items you frequently use. Otherwise, you'll have a tough time throughout the renovation.

Store Your Valuables Securely

Home renovation means your home will mostly be unlocked. Again, there will be tradespeople coming in and out at different times of the day. Further, if it's a major renovation, some windows and doors may not even be there.

For that reason, it will be in your best interest to keep all your valuable items secure. You can keep family heirlooms and other sentimental items in a deposit box in a secured room or with a licensed storage facility.

Don't Forget the Outside

Finally, when you are done with decluttering and storing items in the house, it's time to step out and sort the junk you've accumulated for years in the shed. If the renovation project involves the external part of your home, it will be a great opportunity to clear all the mess outside and have a new start.

Because clearing the junk outside may need a lot of work, you can hire professionals to do it for you from the get-go, which will mean digging deeper into your pockets. However, if you are tight on the budget, you can take this mantle alone, in which case you'll have to hire a skip or a rubbish removal company to collect and dispose of the waste once you've cleared and sorted out everything.

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