Tips For International Students Moving To The UK

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Day by day, we find ourselves welcoming customers from across the globe. Whether you hail from across the fence in Europe, across the pond in the US or far further afield, the UK has a lot to offer you. In this blog we will advise international students on getting used to our quaint little country. Pen and paper at the ready? It’s back to the chalkboard…

advice for international students moving to UK

Living At A UK University

As a student studying at university, it’s more than likely that you’ll be housed in the city. Whether you go to York, Leeds, Sheffield or London’s sprawling metropolis, UK cities have a few things in common:

We’ll Be Celebrating Your Culture Somewhere

With a long history of immigration and integration, the UK is a melting pot of cultures. Our citizens, businesses and wider society have absorbed traits from across the globe - in cuisine, art, film, music - you name it. That means no matter where you hail from, there’ll be particular areas in the city that are rich with your culture. Whether a Lebanese restaurant, a Japanese art gallery or a French arthouse cinema, you’re guaranteed a home away from home.

Join Your Uni Societies

At the beginning of term, your uni will hold a fair for societies, interest groups and sports teams. If you come from afar and feel that your tastes are acquired, prepare to be surprised. Most universities cater for everything from anime, international cinema, cookery and even Quidditch! You can join societies later in the term, but the initial fair is where you can go to break the ice and form lifelong friendships.

English Oddities: A Few Things To Take Note!

We take tea very seriously. Learn to love it, and recite off by heart how you take it: milky, 1 sugar, 2 sugars, black as midnight? Embrace tea and you’ll rise to greatness in no time.

We are socially awkward. Don’t be offended if charisma is met with blank stares. We are naturally awkward and prone to saying sorry a lot. Inside every English person is an adventurer struggling to break free, maybe you’ll be the good character to help them?

Everything revolves around the weather. It is the cornerstone of conversation, and something we love to complain about. It's too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, too wet, too dry. Whatever the elements throw at you, take note and give it a good grumble.

Last but not least, enjoy your stay! We hope the weather holds out, and that your visit proves to be a defining moment in your life!

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