Keeping Your Spirits Up During The House Move

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It’s no secret that moving house can be a stressful time. There are so many thoughts running around your head that it’s important to keep your spirits up and raise the family morale so you can cope. We’ve seen our fair share of these experiences, and here are some tips for staying sane and happy during the removal process.

Set Aside A Time And A Place

With everything that’s going on, it is tempting to just put your head down and deal the removal until it’s over. However, this can stretch even the most patient of people.

In the days leading up to the move, pencil in a day in which you have nothing to do with moving house. How you spend this time is up to you, but make sure it is entirely removed from the day-to-day processes of packing and sorting. You could take a trip to a neighbouring town, go to the zoo, see a gig or just walk around the park for an afternoon. Having some downtime is crucial to keeping your spirits up. What better way to mark the end of an era than to sit down and reflect over dinner?

Pick A Great Soundtrack

Menial tasks like packing and loading don’t need to be at the front of your thoughts. Choose great music, an interesting podcast or your favourite radio station and make that your primary activity. Soon enough, you’ll have cleared a whole room without realising, as you’d been too focussed on a documentary.

Reward Your Helpers

Moving house has long been associated with friends doing favours for one another. If somebody is kind enough to offer assistance, make sure they’re fed and thanked throughout the process. Their mood will bounce back at you, so it’s best to have happy helpers who are recognised for their efforts. Take it from us, nothing lifts the spirits like a bite of homemade cupcakes in between journeys!

Have Something To Look Forward To 

Yes, in all likelihood it’s exciting enough to have a new house. However, with all these joys come  administrative duties like signing up to broadband, registering to vote, sorting out bin day - you get the picture. Like the little break you had before the move, make sure you have something really exciting to look forward to shortly after. A lot of families move house before Christmas or summer for that very reason.

stay positive during your house move

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