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There are so many things to explore outside your new home; every family, career and circumstance shifts the goalposts. It’s not exclusively about the house, and in years of moving families we’ve noticed a number of alternative things worth pointing out in your local area. Our top pick is shops. Beyond the corporate gloss of the supermarkets, there’s a wealth of good experience in the hustle and bustle of local trade.

Routines & Thoroughfare

Whether you live in a city, suburb or little village, communities are naturally clustered around shops. The local amenities are not just for convenience. Granted, it’s nice to have a supermarket at arm’s reach, but consider your Sunday morning stroll to the shops, and what kind of interactions you’d like to have. Look for the butcher, the baker, the grocer, and map out your route between them. Keeping things local is a healthy - often cheaper - antidote to the faceless, automated world of online shopping.

Community Atmosphere

Not only are you supporting the community by shopping local, you’re inviting pleasant conversation, know-how and a more personable routine. Your shopkeepers know the area better than most, serving loyal customers daily and soaking in the neighbourhood spirit. Part of the value in local shops is the interaction, and those little tidbits of information will add to your experience. You’ll find out about local events, car boot sales, amenities and networking opportunities.

Anybody who’s part of a happy community will know that long-term residents delight in welcoming new arrivals. You are such an arrival, and in being inquisitive you’ll find yourself settling much faster than if you took a drive down to the retail park. With its deep local roots, York is especially friendly. Whether you’re moving down the road or seeing the city for the first time, we hope you settle in well.

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