Can Long Distance Relationships Work At University?

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You’ve spent two years studying for your A Levels, spent so many hours revising you’re not sure what the difference between day and night is anymore and now you’ve got into a university. Before you pack up that removal van and head straight to your residential halls to meet your flatmates and potential new best mates for three years, you remember your other half. University is tough; meeting new people, working to seemingly endless deadlines, working out how you’re going to get to your 9am lecture after spending all night working on a project. It isn’t easy. If you don’t have your best friend and partner in crime by your side to support you through those late nights and deadline meltdowns, it can make it even harder. However, it is possible to maintain a long distance relationship whilst at uni, whether you’re both studying at universities across the country, or you’re only 15 miles apart; “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

Keep in touch

It sounds so simple, but it’s easy to forget to send a goodnight message, call your other half after a major milestone (hello first class essay!) or keep them updated with your day. Make a time to call each other every day or every other day and stick to it. You can share your university life with your partner and they will probably want to keep sharing their life moments with you.

Arrange your dates

The benefit of going to university in a city miles away from your other half, is that now you can introduce them to all the cool places you know about. That restaurant that does amazing burgers. The cocktail bar with Pina Coladas to die for or that independent theatre you know they will love. When they arrange a weekend in your home from home, you can plan a whole itinerary and show them why you chose to spend three years of your life here!

You’ll both grow

The experience of university will definitely help you become more independent. Living by yourself, cooking your own meals and budgeting means that you’re on your way to becoming a fully-fledged adult. Chances are, your other half will be doing some growing up too. Whether they’re studying themselves or working in a full time job, you can both teach each other new skills and know that you’re not dependent on each other.

Be together even when you’re miles apart

Arrange Skype dates and watch your favourite series together, play online games, try to adapt the interests you shared at home to your life now! It’s all about keeping the balance between keeping in touch and living your own life at university.

Pretty soon, hopefully you’ll both be packing up that York Removals van and moving in together, to start your next journey in life.

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Long distance relationships at university

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