Self-Storage Tips and Tricks for Long Term Storage

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When travelling long term or decluttering your home or office to create more space, you’ll need long term storage. More than putting your stuff away, you want to ensure you settle for the best possible self-storage. You also need to pack your items efficiently, since they’ll be stored for a considerable amount of time.

Here are the top tips and tricks to help you get the most of long term storage services.


Decide What to Put Into Long-Term Storage

Storage costs money. Therefore, you need to decide beforehand which of your belongings are for keeps. The best way to effectively separate the must-keep items from the rest is to ask yourself the following questions as you go through your stuff.

  • Does the item have sentimental value, hence irreplaceable?

  • Is the item expensive or of high quality?

  • Is the item hard to find?

  • Will you need it in the future?

  • Is it in good working condition?

The rule of thumb is that if you’ve answered “yes” to two of these questions for an item, then you should keep it.

Settle For a Storage That Meets Your Needs

Sorting the items that need storage gives you an idea of the space you need for storage and the storage conditions ideal for your belongings. Your next task is to find storage facilities that best fit your needs.

Since not all long term storage options are the same, here are some things you need to consider to choose the right one.

Self-Storage Condition

It goes without saying that the storage facility’s condition will affect your belongings to a huge extent. Hence, the reason it should be a priority.

Check if the building or the containers are in good condition.

Things like cleanliness and sufficient illumination shouldn’t be compromised. A clean, well-maintained building minimizes the risk of water leakage or pest infestation, which could destroy your stuff.

For convenience purposes, check if the facility has loading docks, parking space and drive-up access.

The Unit Size

Settle for the storage unit size that fits your items perfectly. A big unit means you’ll pay for an extra space that you don’t need. A small one translates to cramming your stuff together, which could potentially cause damage to your belongings.


Excellent security is a top priority. You don’t want to come back only to find a handful of your stuff.

First, confirm that there’s a strong fence. Next, a surveillance system and guards are equally important. If you can’t see the obvious signs of a secured premise, ask the storage company the security measures they have in place.

Climate Control Storage

If you are storing your items for more than one season, climate control storage is the perfect option.

A climate control storage regulates the temperature and humidity. There’s also good air circulation, which reduces the possibility of dust building up or even bugs and rodents infesting your stuff.

Though a little bit expensive, climate control storage is worth every penny because it’s the best long term storage option.

Customer Reviews

There’s no better way to know how efficient a storage facility is than reading reviews of previous customers. If they recommend their services, go ahead and book. If not, steer clear and look for other options.

If customer reviews are anything to go by, we’ll definitely surpass your imagination. We offer a wide range of self-storage options. We also guide you on the best ways to store your belongings safely in the long term. Reach out. Just like our previous customers, you won’t be disappointed.


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Prepare Your Items for Long-Term Storage

Now that your stuff will be in a storage facility for a long time. You want to make sure you prepare accordingly. The tips below will help you do this effectively.

  • Create an inventory of all the items that you are storing. Include additional details like the condition of the item, type and serial number in the case of electronics. This will come in handy if your items are damaged or stolen. Make sure you have an electronic copy of the inventory for quick access.

  • Clean all the items thoroughly and ensure they are completely dry. This is the safest way to prevent moulds and stains. It will also help keep the foul smell away.

  • Wrap fragile items like artwork, electronic devices and delicate items. Also, use a lot of cushioning when packing them in boxes.

  • Disassemble bulky furniture to save on space and reduce the risk of damage.

Efficiently Pack Your Belongings for Long-Term Storage

Packing your items for long term storage is different from packing when moving house or short term storage. You'll need to ensure all your items are securely packed so that they are not damaged in the long run.

Instead of getting packing boxes from friends who recently moved, or retail shops, buy moving boxes. A strong box can stand the test of time. They don't easily tear. You'll also find them easy to stack, which will allow you to maximize the storage unit space.

You don't have to break a sweat to find this kind of boxes. We have strong packing boxes that come in all sizes. Not only that, you'll also find all the packing materials you need, from bubble wrap to packing tape to plastic boxes. Visit our shop for high-quality packing supplies.

Cushion the boxes using bubble wrap, old clean clothes and towels, or crumpled papers. Ensure the bottom and the spaces between items are well cushioned.

Heavier items should be placed at the bottom of a box and lighter stuff at the top. Don't overload the boxes. Otherwise, they'll curve when stacked.

Label all the boxes so that you'll know what each contains. The ones carrying sensitive or fragile items should be labelled "FRAGILE".

Let Someone Check Your Items From Time to Time

Since you'll be gone for a long time, you should get someone you trust to check your stuff from time to time. The storage company should be able to reach the person when need be. This person will also come in handy when you need something shipped to your new location.

Long Term Self Storage Services in York

1 Van 1 Man self-storage services are precisely what you need when downsizing, moving abroad, or travelling for a prolonged period. Suppose you are decluttering your offices or storing your machinery or equipment used on a seasonal basis. We've got you covered. We will transport your items to our storage units and safely store them for months and even years. Contact us today for all your long term storage needs.

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