5 Ways to Keep Removal Costs Low for a Stress-Free Move

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Moving can be a tedious process, and it isn’t something that you can simply put together at the last minute. Everything has to be planned down to the last detail, and it can be overwhelming to think about.

Don’t worry. Before you stress about relocating, here are some tips to keep your moving process orderly and organised.

Keep Track of Your Inventory

Before the big move, make sure you keep track of all your belongings. Keep an inventory of anything and everything, from your biggest piece of furniture down to your smallest trinkets. This should make it much easier for you to know where everything is once you move into your new place.

Go through every room in your house and catalogue each item. Will you decide to keep these items? Once you have a system of organisation in place, it should be much easier post-move. This is only one of the many moving house hacks that you need for more efficient packing.

Reduce Moving and Packing Costs

You might consider packing your own possessions to cut costs with your house removal. While this may be less financially strenuous, it can be taxing on your own time. If you have to pack your own belongings on top of organizing the move, you might find yourself even more stressed out.

Instead, consider options that will free up your time but reduce moving costs. Most removal companies offer services to save you the time and effort of packing. This will all depend on how many boxes of items you will fill up and the rates of the company.

Have a Pre-Move Survey

Aside from packing services, many removal companies also offer a free pre-move survey to gauge the number of items to move. Before the day of your move, the company should have people over to get a quote on the overall costs.

It is also a much more convenient way for the company to assess parking arrangements, any special requirements you have, and answer any of your concerns. On average, removal will cost around £0.75 to £1 for each cubic foot of your items.

Throw or Give Away Items You Don’t Use Anymore

To lessen any costs for the removal, go through your items and decide which to keep and which to give away. This will not only help you declutter but will make sure you move with only the things that you need.

If you find that it is of no use to you anymore, then you might consider donating it to a charity or giving it a better home. Moving houses is the optimal time to let go of things that aren’t serving you anymore. It’s time for a clean slate.

Rethink How Much Furniture to Bring Along

As you are going through your items, bear in mind how much furniture you own and how many to bring with you. Removal companies will typically include furniture dismantling and reassembling for their packages.

For delicate items such as antiques and art, make sure you know how to protect your furniture before removal. You may opt to hire a specialist company to take care of these precious items for you.


There is much to think about when undergoing house removal. Ultimately, everything should be taken care of so that your items are secure and protected during the move. Make sure you follow these tips for an easy, stress-free removal.

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