What You Need to Know to Move and Downsize Successfully

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Moving into larger houses may seem like the norm—but there are numerous benefits to downsizing, especially if your situation calls for it! Whether you’re thinking of living a more minimalist lifestyle or have had a change in your circumstances, downsizing to a smaller home might just be the next best step to take.

Here’s a guide on what downsizing your home entails and how you can get started with the help of the best moving companies in the area:

Reasons for Downsizing

The reasons for downsizing will vary from person to person—and there are many to consider before making the final move to your new home. 

For instance, empty nesters may feel that the extra room in their homes left by their children creates a constant reminder of their absence, so they choose to downsize to avoid that pain. Yuppies may feel the effect of rent increases on their apartment leases, making moving to a more conservative-sized place more appealing! Over the past year, the pandemic has also forced people to reduce outgoing expenses, prompting more people to move to cheaper homes. 

Although the reduction in space might seem like a drawback more than a benefit, decent planning and some basic organisational skills can turn it into a home that’s just as comfortable as your previous one. Lower mortgage costs, energy bills, and council tax bills may be enough to convince you to pack up and move, and you will also benefit from less property maintenance to enjoy more time for leisure.

Decluttering Before Moving

Calling moving companies to help facilitate your move is essential to downsizing to ensure that you have professionals with enough physical strength and know-how in securing items for transport. 

After that, getting your things in order with decluttering is a must! Taking what you really want and need versus everything you currently have will save you the time and trouble when fitting everything into your new home. Decluttering can be accomplished in three steps, as follows:

Keep, Donate, Sell, Toss

Expect to do a lot of decision-making when decluttering your belongings.

Cathartic as this process may be, it will take time to go through each item and decide whether it’s for keeping, donating, selling, or tossing in the bin. Try to make hard yes or no decisions and reduce your ‘maybe’ pile to just a few items to avoid indecisiveness and wasting time.

Start Three to Four Months Prior to the Move

The last thing you want is to be stressed out during your move, which is difficult enough as it is. Sorting through your belongings weeks or even days before moving will lead to more frustration than successful decluttering, so make sure you plan ahead and start early! 

Begin the decluttering process three to four months before your anticipated move date. This way you can plan where each item goes, whether it’s for disposal, to be donated to family or friends, or sold. Check our blog post on the 7 Things You Should Sort Out Before Your Moving Day to help you get organised ahead of time. 

Digitise Documents

Much of what people have to sort through before moving is piles and piles of paper. If your current storage space is brimming with sheaths of paper, then you may want to consider digitising them first before shredding. 

Keep hard copies of only the most important documents, including birth certificates, transcript records, tax information, and other such paper files. Store them in a waterproof and fire-resistant folder for good measure!

Other Tips for Downsizing

Successfully moving into your new home will take effort, time, and plenty of organisation. One tip that will help is to estimate the needed space as accurately as possible by comparing your current home to the new place. Investing in a high-quality off-site storage unit may also help keep important items that still won’t fit your new home. 


Moving to a smaller home may not seem as optimal as choosing a larger space, but there are several benefits to doing so. Space-saving homes are advantageous in terms of cost and maintenance. They also allow people to go through the very important process of decluttering, which can help lighten the load of owning too many personal belongings. By freeing yourself of excess stuff and opting to live in smaller spaces, you can have greater peace of mind and a simplified way of living. 

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