House Renovation: Move or Stay Which Is the Best Choice?

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Finally, it's time to renovate your house into your dream home. Everything is set, from the budget to construction materials to permits to contractors. The only thing stressing you out is whether you should stay or leave when the renovation project begins. Well, most experts in the construction industry recommend that you leave to make the constructors' work easier. However, there's also an option for staying. So, how do you decide the best option? You are about to find out.

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Factors That Determine Whether You Should Live-In or Move Out During a House Renovation

To stay or not to stay during a home renovation? This is the million-dollar question most homeowners contend with during renovation projects. The answer to this question depends on several factors. And so, to make your work easier, here are five factors that will help you determine the right course of action.

The Scope of the Project

How big the project is will play a crucial role in whether you are leaving or staying. Suppose the house renovation project only covers a small or‌ a single room. You can decide to stay if that room is not crucial for your day-to-day life.

However, if it's a big project that will disrupt your daily life, it will be best to move out until the renovation work is complete. Seek temporary housing for the duration of the project.

The Project Duration

Small projects run for a short duration of time. In a week or so, it's done and dusted. However, some projects will run for months on end because they involve a lot of work.

It's easier to stay if the project takes a shorter time. But if it's prolonged, your stay will drag the whole project. Further, it will disrupt your life. Hence, alternative accommodation will be the best fit.

The Area Affected by the Project

For example, if you are renovating the attic, there's no biggie. You can continue your life with little disruption. However, it might be impossible to stay if the project will affect crucial parts of the house like the bathrooms, kitchen and living area. Further, if amenities like electricity will be affected. It will be best to seek accommodation elsewhere until the project is complete. Otherwise, it will be a headache.

Financial Implication

House renovation costs money. And moving out because of a major house renovation will cost you even more. You'll pay for the temporary housing and storage of your household items. Not to mention the moving cost. However, the benefits of moving outweigh the cost of staying.

Constructors work better when there are no distractions. Staying around will prolong their work. Why? Because they have to work around your schedule, which ultimately will cost you more. You may be required to pay for site protection and compensate for the fast-paced work to ensure electricity and plumbing are working.

It's better to look for accommodation and save time and headache instead of staying and dragging the whole project, which will ultimately cost you more.

Your Family Health and Safety

Apart from the factors we've discussed, your family's health and peace of mind are important. Monitoring kids and pets during renovation can be hectic. Not to mention cooking or simply watching a movie. Woe unto you if you are working from home.

Furthermore, renovation projects sometimes create a toxic environment. Again, construction materials and debris spewing throughout the house will be a great disadvantage. When the project starts, the drilling and hammering will make a living in your home almost impossible.

So, weigh the intensity of the project and see whether the project will interfere with your family life or not. Ultimately, you want to continue living even when your house is under renovation.

Where to Stay During a Home Renovation

Suppose you've resorted to moving out. What are some of the places you can stay in during the renovation process? Here are three options.

Moving into a Temporary Rental Accommodation

This option is ideal if the house renovation project will take more than a month and you have a big family that can't possibly stay at a friend's or a hotel. You can rent an apartment or an Airbnb for the duration of time. You'll have all the amenities you need. The good news is that rental accommodations give you a discount if you stay for a long time.

Staying in a Hotel

You can stay in a hotel if the renovation project is a few weeks and you are not comfortable staying with family or friends. If you get a suit, you'll have a living room area and a full kitchen, giving you a real home vibe. Staying in a hotel is an excellent option, but a bit expensive.

Staying with a Family or Friend

Suppose you have friends and family around. You can save a few bucks if the renovation will be over in a few days. Don't overstay your welcome. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing your relationship.

When deciding where to stay during the renovation project, look into the duration of the temporary stay. If the project takes a long time, go for temporary rental accommodation.

Think of the accommodation that will be ideal for you and your family. How much space will be enough? Are there specific amenities that must be there? Do you have pets? All these factors will influence where you stay.

Next, consider the location. If you have children, consider the proximity to their school. Further, how far is it from your work? Finally, consider the cost. Do you have enough finances for decent temporary accommodation and the renovation project? Don't strain yourself. Stick to your budget.

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