An Explainer on Ace Ways to Move Amidst the Pandemic

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Things are slowly but surely returning to some kind of normalcy. Given the next lockdown phase coming up, with transitioning slowly happening, it's a good time for restarting any plans to move. It's worth noting that the specifics of restrictions easing are unclear. However, that does not mean plans cannot begin to start forming. It's crucial to figure out the ideal time to actually make the move since selling the property you're at now can take months and months. The last thing you want is to seem like you've lost the plot.

What are some ace ways to prepare for moving?

Create a checklist for the move

Essentially, having a checklist for your relocation will be your best plan in order for the move to not end up in shambles. Make sure that there's a schedule or timeline which specifies when each task needs to get done. The best way to get that sorted is to start from the final day, the day you've already moved. Work your way backwards from that point, which will allow you to count the months or weeks.

Follow the schedule or timeline well enough, and Bob's your uncle! Any little bits that may seem a tad wonky can be resolved without any major impact. Of course, knowing exactly what you'll be taking with you will also help to lessen the stress. Typically, this is best done using an app of some sort to make a list or inventory.

Declutter and sort your things

As previously mentioned, it would be the bee's knees if it's very clear to you what items you'll bring. While waiting for clarity on the restrictions easing, one of the best things you can do is go through your things. Perhaps you can sort them into three categories: things you'll bring, things to donate and things for disposal. That way, you'll be able to lighten your load and make the most of your new space.

Research various moving companies and read the reviews

It's important that the company you hire to assist with removals is reputable, and you should know the things to look for in a reliable house removal company. While there are quite a number of services out there, it should be noted that some moving companies don't actually have the right equipment. That means they will not be able to render their services well or take proper care of your things. Many companies don't have the proper expertise either, which means your items may end up as rubbish.

This is what makes feedback from former clients an important key to picking a removals service that's best for your needs. By reading feedback and asking for recommendations, you’ll have a better picture of the kind of service offered by each company you're looking into.


Things are slowly but surely returning to a certain semblance of normal. It's as good a time as any to restart any plans to move. Ace ways to move include preparations such as creating a checklist, decluttering and thoroughly researching various moving companies before settling on what would work best for your needs.

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