Moving Essentials - How to Prepare Large Appliances

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Moving homes is made more complicated when considering the number of appliances you need to haul. While it’s easier to receive these packages at your home, getting them into your removal company’s truck is much trickier. Unless you plan to buy brand new appliances at your new residence, you need to prepare your large appliances safely and effectively.

The Problem with Packing Large Appliances

Small appliances like desktops and even microwaves typically won’t give you any trouble to pack. However, washing machines, refrigerators, and full stoves can be a pain to pack and prepare for a move. Besides their size, their connections to your different utilities can lead to a disaster when mishandled.

Before you pack your large appliance for moving, here are three things you should do.

1. Disconnect Your Appliances Properly

Some appliances like stoves and water heaters are connected to your different plumbing utilities. Since it’s not your removal company’s specialty to handle these matters, you need to get your plumbers to do this for you. Attempting to do this yourself is risky and can lead to potential appliance damage or personal injuries.

It will be much safer to remove your large appliances if you’ve effectively signed off from your water and electrical companies. This will prevent any potential accidents involving running water or live electrical currents during your moving day.

2. Prepare Your Appliances

AN egress of your large appliances will require different preparations, depending on what they do. For example, removing a refrigerator requires you to defrost it first. Afterwards, you’ll need to give it time to scrub it down before removing its waterline. Since it will still take a few days before your move, it’s best to do another check for moisture to avoid any mould or mildew growth.

You can apply the same cleaning practices for your washer and dryer. While some parts of it can be disassembled, it’s best to keep them as is. Nevertheless, you’ll need to look for its original box to fit them comfortably in your truck. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy another container and fill it with stuffing.

For your stove, it’s vital to clean it first inside and out and remember to pack it with its racks removed. Remember to turn off your gas before disconnecting it. If you’re unsure how to do this safely, you can contact your gas company to help you with the process. Thankfully, electric stoves aren’t as complicated to remove, but you’ll need an assessment of your new home’s power output before you reinstall it.

3. Secure Cords and Other Attachments

After packing all your appliances, remember to gather all the cords properly. It’s best to have its previous plastic or cardboard packaging, so you don’t misplace them. However, you can also keep them in new containers and label them accordingly to prevent confusion when setting your appliances up again.


Even if you follow all the steps above, your preparations can still go to waste. If you don’t hire the right removal company, your appliances are at risk of receiving damage during loading and throughout their trip to your new home. This doesn’t just affect your appliances but also your other furniture and fragile packages. For this reason, you must only work with trusted names in the trade.

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