Complete List of Addresses to Change When Moving House

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Moving house can be chaotic. With a million things that you must put tabs on in your moving house checklist, there are high chances that an obvious task like changing your address with service providers, companies and organizations will be overlooked. This can lead to miscommunication or, worse, identity theft.

To help you handle this crucial task with ease, we've compiled a list of addresses to update when moving. With this list, you can easily track the organizations and service providers that you have and haven't notified and make the necessary arrangements in good time.


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As you move, it's obvious your car moves with you. And therefore, motor-related bodies are part of the most important addresses to change when moving in the U.K. Update your new address with the vehicle registration, DVLA, car insurance company, and breakdown cover.

V5C vehicle log book: Forgetting to update your V5C for vehicle tax can attract a fine of up to £1000. For this reason, make sure you update your new address immediately when it's confirmed. You can make the change through the post office or online.

DVLA: Updating your address on the DVLA website is free. Hence, you should do it as soon as possible. Once you've updated your address, you'll get your updated licence between 2-4 weeks.

Car insurance: Car insurance varies depending on the location. Depending on whether the place you are moving to is high risk or safe, your car insurance charges might go up or down. Changing your address with the car insurance company will help with your payments and reaching out in case of an accident. You can contact your insurance provider on their website or through a phone call.

Vehicle breakdown cover: Changing your address with vehicle breakdown cover is important because some providers charge differently depending on the location. The change of address will also come in handy in case of a breakdown, as the company will easily refer you.


When moving, inform your vet, dentist, optician or doctor of your new address. This will facilitate treatment and care for you and your pet in your new home.

If you are moving to a new catchment area, it will be best to register with a new G.P. In which case; you'll need to inform your doctor of your new address to make it easier to share your medical records with your new doctor.

Hobbies and Entertainment

Monthly subscriptions on a rolling contract basis can be easily forgotten. Remember to get in touch with the local gym, library, clubs and societies to cancel any monthly subscriptions. Also, get in touch with any postal subscriptions you might have, like magazines and newspapers. Inform them when you are moving house and give them your new address to send the subsequent series to your new home.


You'll need to update your address with different government agencies to access government services.

Electoral roll: Re-registering with the local electoral roll will enable you to vote in the local and national elections. When changing your address, you can also change your method of voting.

Department of work and pension: You can contact the relevant helpline in the department of work and pension to change your address if you receive money from the government.

Council tax :If you are moving to Selby, for example, you'll visit to update your details. Visit the relevant government site depending on where you are moving. If you delay updating your council tax address, your tax will be backdated. It's better to get over with it at the earliest opportunity, as you'll still pay the whole sum whether you delay or not.

Redirect mail: If you are not sure if you've changed all the addresses, redirecting your mails by royal mail is the best possible solution. Royal mail allows you to redirect mails for up to 12 months. The charges start from as low as £34 for three months. It takes up to ten days for the changes to take effect.

Education Institutions

If you have children in school, let the school administration know that you are moving house to update your address. The same goes for university.


Let your electricity, gas and water providers know beforehand that you are moving. You can give them the exact date beyond which you will not be using their services. Check the utility reading on the moving day, take a picture and send it to them.


Because of payroll, your employer must know your change of address. Also, inland revenue needs to know your new address because of taxes. As you update this, don't forget to update your information with national insurance. The N.I. number is critical as it's required with several departments, including HMRC, DVLA and even your employer.


T.V., broadband, phone and satellite are part of the change of address checklist you must consider.

When updating contact information for the satellite dish or cable, confirm if your new home needs a new satellite dish or cable instalment. Otherwise, you'll update the information in vain.

Updating phone details can go hand in hand with broadband. However, you can decide to cancel your broadband subscription and instead look for a better deal in your new locality.

When you change home, you must also change the address on the T.V. licensing website. To be on the safe side, start this process in advance.


Inform all financial institutions dealing with your finances about your change of address. This could include your bank, insurance companies, loan companies or building societies.

Failing to update your information puts you at risk of identity theft. For all we know, the new owner of your old house is a potential threat.

Go further and confirm if the records are up-to-date with your mortgage. You can make the address changes directly on their website, visit in person, or email.


When it's all said and done, your change of address checklist can't be complete without informing your friends and family. Let your personal contact know of your new home address. You don't want them to come visiting, only to be met with a strange face.

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Moving house is exciting, yet it can also be costly, stressful and above all, time-consuming. We hope that this comprehensive change of address checklist will help you stay organized, ensure your address is up to date with all service providers and the right people are fully informed.

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