Moving & Packing Hacks for a Faster, Easier & Less Stressful Move

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Moving house is stressful, to say the least. It can take a toll on even the best planner. There’s a lot to do, and the process is not fun, though the end result is quite fulfilling. Thus, to help you make this otherwise daunting task easy, we’ve compiled a list of tried and tested ways to help you pack faster and reduce the hassle in the moving process. Read on to find out creative ways to improve your moving process and save time.

Moving house

Tips for Getting Prepared to Move

Way before the moving day, there are several things you can do to avoid mistakes and reduce the amount of work you’ll do on the moving day.

Cut Back on Clutter

The packing process can be overwhelming. So the best way to go about it is to declutter. Be merciless. Donate, sell, or throw away anything that you don’t use. Decluttering will reduce the number of items you pack, move, and unpack. You’ll also cut down on the number of packing boxes.

With the unnecessary stuff out of the way, you’ll save money and start on a clean slate in your new home.

Set Your Budget

The cost of moving house can quickly escalate if you don’t set a budget in advance. Find out about the packing materials you’ll need and the cost you’ll incur to buy them. Do your research to find out the cost of moving from house removal companies. With an idea of how much you’ll spend, you can set that amount aside beforehand.

Make a Moving Folder

A moving folder is a must-have when moving house. In this folder, you’ll collect rental agreements, payment slips, moving contracts, and any other documents associated with the move. This way, you can quickly retrieve documents if you need to refer and clear any disputes with the parties involved.

Use the Right Box Sizes

You should pack heavy items like books in small, sturdy boxes. Secondly, pack heavier items at the bottom of the boxes and lighter ones on top. This creates balance and makes it easy to carry the boxes. Next, pack light things like pillows or linens in big boxes.

When it comes to loading into the truck, heavier boxes should be loaded first. The lighter ones should be stacked on top of the heavy ones.

Pack in Advance

You can start packing seasonal items one month in advance. Things like winter coats, if you are moving in summer, or books you’ve already read should be packed early on. The items you use once in a while should go into the packing boxes weeks before your move. This will make your packing easier as the moving day draws near.

Eat Up

If you have a lot of food in the house, eat as much of it as possible before you move. You can improvise new recipes and create fun eating games to motivate everyone to eat up. You can also donate any remaining foodstuff if you aren’t done by the moving day.

Saving Money During Your Moving Process

These moving hacks will help you save cost, as moving can drain your pockets if you are not careful.

Compare Quotes from Several Moving Companies

Get quotes from several moving companies so that you can compare. Settle for the one that’s within your budget and meets your moving needs.

At 1 Man 1 Van Removals, we know that moving can be expensive. That’s why we offer exceptional removal services at competitive prices.

1 Van 1 Man Removals services

Find Free Packing Supplies

You need several packing supplies to ensure your items are well packed and secured for the move. Since most of the items will cost you, you can cut down the cost by finding free packing boxes in learning institutions, supermarkets, or even recycling centres.

Be Flexible

Everyone moves on the weekend and over the holidays. That means most moving companies are booked, and the prices could be a little higher because of the demand. For a less stressful move, save money by moving midweek or off-season.

Packing Tips and Tricks

Packing your items is the most time-consuming part of the whole moving process. However, if you cut a few shortcuts, you'll save time and have a smoother house moving experience.

Don't Leave Empty Spaces in Packing Boxes

You can secure items in the packing boxes by filling in the gaps with old clothes, towels or papers. Wrap fragile items like glasses, vases, lamps, artworks, and perfumes with linens or packing papers. Make sure you provide enough cushion so that they don't break.

Don't Mix Items From Different Rooms in the Same Box

This will make your packing more organised. It will also make your unpacking easy.

Colour Code Boxes

Label all the boxes with a different colour depending on the room they are going to. For example, if the kitchen's colour code is pink, all boxes containing kitchen items should have a pink sticker.

Moving house colour key

Pack a Day Before the Moving Day

Give yourself an easy time on the moving day by packing a day before moving. Pack all the essentials you left out before the movers arrive.

Moving Day Tips

These tips will help you make the moving day run smoother.

Have a Plan for the Kids and Pet

If you have little kids who can't help on the moving day, you can talk to a friend or relative to take care of them so that you can focus on the move. The same goes for pets.

Pack Snacks

Have a bag with snacks and water to keep you energised the whole day as you might not have time to cook.

Moving House Services

Moving house can be hectic and time-consuming. You'll need an efficient removal company that delivers. That's what we promise at 1 Van 1 Man Removals. Our team of professional movers has years of experience. They'll go above and beyond to ensure your belongings are safely delivered to your new home. Request a free quote.

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