Moving Out Of Your Home Office

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The home office: the starting point to entrepreneurship and great future prospects. With humble beginnings in the bedroom or lounge, it is a convenient and cost-effective solution in the early stages of self-employment. However, there comes a time where you must move out of the home office and seek greener pastures elsewhere.


If you are lucky enough to hire employees, it stands to reason that your home office might need to move. A rented office is a neutral ground for you to work together in an objective manner. For them, it would feel awkward ducking through the boss’s laundry line to get to work!


Most businesses meet their customers, and sometimes it’s necessary to offer a professional area in which to conduct your affairs. As above, it isn’t necessarily the best impression to have customers glance around your home when you’re trying to do business together. It might work in the early stages, but as you expand you’ll want to put up a proper business stage.

That said, some trades are more suited to home offices than others. An accountant or lawyer would suit a rented office space, but a masseuse, psychiatrist or counsellor might benefit from the intimacy and privacy of a home environment.

Health & Family Life

Self-employment has all sorts of perks. However, it also comes with extra burdens. This leads to many cases of burning the midnight oil, returning to your office after hours because it’s a stone’s throw from the dinner table.

Overuse of the home office can be a detriment to your health and family life. Sadly, those at the centre are often the last to clock the differences.

With that in mind, it’s worth moving out of the home office as soon as it is financially viable. Your investment in a rented space is returned tenfold with a balanced family life and better health. Although you won’t feel you’re working as much, the separation of work/life will reduce your stress and encourage you to leave business matters where they belong.

Moving out of your home office

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