The New Home: A Perfect Christmas Present

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There’s no place like home, and there’s no Christmas like the first one in the new house. Despite what you might think, many families choose to move home at this time of year. Once the hard work of hauling boxes is over the fun part begins - how to celebrate in the new home? Like a present needs its wrapping paper, so too does the home need its little embellishments.

Deck The Halls With Bells & Holly

It’s not often we get to enjoy a ‘showroom’ home - the empty space, polished floors and plush new carpets. If you’ve just moved and have the decorations handy, it feels great to decorate the moment you walk through the door. Not only is it a welcome break from the labours of loading boxes, it also gives you a blank slate to celebrate with. Feeling festive? Combine Christmas with housewarming and invite friends over to your shiny new pad.

Amalgamate Christmas cards with informing friends of your new address. It marks the occasion as something special, rather than a midweek notification.

Christmas Presents in Removal Form

If you’re moving with the family, Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to conveniently give each other useful items. Everybody appreciates a new toaster, no more so than those who’ve just got a new kitchen!

Spare The Pennies

Moving house can also be a strain on the wallet - no more so than during Christmas. It’s not unheard of that during the holiday season, friends and family give the new movers money donations rather than presents. This isn’t something you should insist on, but often these arrangements fall naturally into place.

A home is a gift, we mustn’t forget that. Wherever you have moved, we hope you unpack in good time to put your feet up and relax over the holidays. For the lucky movers who have a fireplace in the new property - all’s the better!

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A New House: The Perfect Christmas Gift

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