How To Pack The Garden Shed For Your Removal

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The shed is a haven for creative types across the country. It is the writer’s study, the gardener’s grotto, the tradesman’s toolbox and the hoarder’s overspill. Whatever you use your shed for, some basic rules apply for getting everything out and preparing them for the big move. Here are some of the top tips for moving sheds, courtesy of 1 Van 1 Man. 

Keep The Shed Clean When Moving House

Unless you are an exceptional talent, the contents of your shed are probably quite dirty. Furthermore, it’s likely that all the belongings will have to live indoors for a while i.e. inside your rapidly emptying house. The last thing you want in the middle of cleaning is to dirty the place with old tools, so make sure whatever room holds these items is well lined. That means plenty of bin bags, old rugs or dust sheets to prevent dirt from hitting the floor. 

Better still, clean the items as they exit the shed. Got a pressure washer? Now’s a great time to plug it in and get rid of all that caked dirt from your trugs.

Know When To Call Help

Just because you set up a garden shed twenty years ago, does not mean you can take it back down again. If you’re unsure about what you’re doing, infirm or without help to lift and support the heavy panels, consider calling in the experts.

York is full of good, reliable tradespeople, and there are many removal firms that offer shed assembly and dismantling as part of their service. The extra cost in having someone do the work is often worth your peace of mind. Then again, we love what we do so it’s no surprise that we’re happy to get our hands dirty!

Purge, Purge, Purge!

Of all the places around your home, the shed is probably the worst culprit for unneeded items. Of the sheds we see, normally about 50% of their contents is not needed in the new home. Duplicate tools, broken plant pots, disused VHS tapes are all too common. Consider:

  1. Donating these items to charity
  2. Putting them outside your home with a big ‘FREE’ sign
  3. Taking them to the tip if they’re really not needed

The shed is a place of spontaneity and positive chaos. That does not mean you should keep it messy, or move house with everything jumbled up. Revel in its tidiness, enjoy the clean slate, and don’t forget to pack the panels first and upright so that they don’t cram up the van!

Organise the garden shed during your house move

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