5 Packing and Organising Hacks for a Hassle-Free Move

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Getting a new home is no simple achievement. After securing the right mortgage and finalising the contract for your lease, your next task is to overhaul your living arrangements to move to your new home. Unfortunately, many movers fall into the many traps and pitfalls of having an unorganised moving plan. This is why it’s necessary to develop your fundamental skill sets and responses through everyday habits.

How to have a hassle-free move

A simple hack to having a hassle-free move is by gradually building your habits in preparation for your big day. Everything starts by splitting your tasks into daily chunks that you can work towards over time instead of in one go. Following this method will prevent you from becoming too burnt out from your chores or forgetting some items on your moving checklist

In this article, we’ll share five packing and organising hacks that will ensure a smooth move-in to your new home.

1. Map out your moving day responsibilities

Generally, moving calendars should start 6 weeks from your moving date. This includes everything from settling your bills to getting utilities running in your new home. You can rush yourself in a few days to pack your boxes and contact your movers. However, some tasks are all about waiting for a response from your landlord or electrical company. Make it a habit to cross off several items on your list or even go beyond your assigned deadlines. Doing so enables you to always be ahead of your projected target dates so you’ll have more time if emergencies pop up.

2. Always ask yourself twice

The first thing you should remember when moving is that more things will require more storage space. The more storage space you need, the more expensive your moving costs will be. This is why you should make a habit of double-checking if you really need a piece of clothing or that unopened microwave from last Christmas. As you go through the items on this list, always second-guess yourself if you’re making the right call before you make a final decision.

3. Organise your tasks by room

The amount of time you’ll spend packing and organising your things will progressively become more difficult as the moving date approaches.

However, it will also become much easier once you have fewer things to deal with once most of your belongings are in the right container. One way to split your packing tasks is by splitting sections of your home for every day of packing. It will prevent you from being all over the place or accidentally losing track of your boxes from one room to the next.

4. Clear your moving paperwork in advance

As mentioned above, it’s necessary to map out essential obligations like closing your utility bills and final lease to your landlord. Besides worrying about your current home’s logistics, you should also finalise your future home’s essentials, like getting electricity in order or switching your postal address. Doing all of these beforehand will ensure that you won’t be off the grid once you’re in you’re settling down in your new living spaces.

5. Be picky about your movers

Like purchasing any product, you need to compare different brands and service providers for your moving service. Don’t always look at their quotes since you can get cheated by ridiculously affordable rates. Analyse their package offers and customer testimonials so you can judge them better if they’re a good fit for you. A professional moving service will give you the best value for your money if you know where to find them.


Moving can be an exciting experience that opens many doors for opportunities. However, you should first pass through the obstacles of moving to a new home before you can start anew. Thankfully, you can trust reliable moving services to lessen your packing and organising workload.


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