Basic Packing Tips for Pregnant Women When Moving House

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Moving to a new house is infinitely more stressful when you are expecting a baby. Aside from making sure that you accomplish everything before leaving your home, you also need to ensure the safety of the baby you are carrying.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to alleviate the hassle that is associated with moving out. Here are a few basic packing tips for you if you are relocating to a new house.

1. Create a To-Do List

Creating a thorough, detailed to-do list can reduce the stress that home removals involve. Your list can help you minimise your actions and tiredness and can keep you from becoming overwhelmed with many things you need to do. List down the tasks you need to prioritise and which ones can wait. Your list will help you track what you need to pack, throw away, and donate.

When pregnant, your mind can get cloudy, and you can forget things easily, so it’s essential to take note of every single thing. This will also help you not to leave anything behind. You can also create a timeline of your tasks and make sure that you plan things ahead of time before the move-out. You can’t expect to accomplish packing and cleaning in just a few days. Besides, it’s not easy to move around when you have a child in your belly.

2. Label Each Box

Pregnancy involves sensitivity not just in your physical health but also in your emotional state. So it will help to have a system as you go through the steps of packing and moving.

One of the basic steps of your system should involve labelling all of your boxes as thoroughly as possible. The ideal thing to do is mark your boxes depending on what’s inside and what room it belongs to.

You can pack your belongings depending on their location in your new house or according to their use. This system will ensure that you will be able to find your items easily when moving in. You don’t want to dig through all your boxes just to find one specific thing you may need. The nitty-gritty details of your packing and labelling system will depend on you!

3. Inform Your Doctor About Your Move

You might be too focused on packing your belongings and attending to your moving responsibilities that you forget your health as a pregnant woman. Make sure to inform your doctor before you move out of your home. Your doctor can give you advice to keep your baby safe during the moving process. Your baby may already feel what you feel, and you wouldn’t want to pass on any stress or anxiety!

Your move may also involve switching healthcare providers, so make sure to ask your doctor to facilitate the transfer of your medical records.

4. Book a Moving Company

If this is your first time moving house, it’s easy to assume that you can do everything yourself. But the truth is, moving is an incredible hassle, and you will need a lot of help to get through it. And there’s nothing better than calling in professionals to ensure a quick and efficient process.

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Packing up your belongings and moving is stressful enough; the difficulties are exponential if you do it while pregnant. As a pregnant woman, moving around and carrying things must be done with extreme care to keep the baby from harm. Follow these packing tips and hire the most reliable removal company in town!

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