Could Your Piano Be Worth a Fortune?

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For both the eyes and ears, pianos are beautiful objects. Many a household is brightened by their presence; the piano is often the centrepiece for a living or dining room. Some of these are so old - and so cumbersome - that families do not consider selling them. A piano is a piano, and what worth could it have? As it turns out, quite a lot.

Sentiment Versus Money

A piano is foremost an instrument. If you or a member of your family plays the piano, that can be worth more than any price tag. However, for those who no longer play, or whose piano was passed down by previous generations, it is well worth having it valued. Pianos that have been treated well can fetch thousands of pounds in auctions.

Identifying Your Piano’s Value

In order to pin down the value of your piano, you must put together some important information. Some of these are easy to identify, others will require a little hunt on Google. Try and find the following:

  • The piano’s model
  • The manufacturer’s name
  • The are of the piano
  • The type of piano - grand, square, upright
  • Service record - look for previous tuning receipts
  • Original purchase price

Contact A Piano Auctioneer

With these details handy, you can establish whether it’s worth selling your piano with a call or an email to your local auctioneer, collector or piano tuner. If it’s not worth the effort then fine, you can begin arranging its removal. If the collector feels it’s worth taking things to the next level, they will arrange a personal visit and take things from there.

If your piano is old and antiquated, it’s very likely you’ll need to get it restored and tuned before selling it as a complete piece. If this is the case, make sure you get an estimated value before paying for a piano tuner. It’s important that you get a return on your investment, so whatever the piano is worth just greatly outweigh the cost of getting it serviced.

Estey Piano offer a wealth of information about the topic. This is a great starting point to troubleshooting your instrument's type and value.

Could your piano be worth a fortune

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