How to Protect Your Furniture Before Home Removal

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When it comes to home removals or business removals, you need to research among the best moving companies and lock in on the one who can provide you with top-notch, reliable service at affordable costs.

Protecting your furniture should be a top priority while moving by yourself or with the help of furniture and home removals. Your furniture may suffer scratches and unsightly marks, ruining the moving experience without sufficient care and preparation.

Here are some tips that can help you prepare your furniture and appliances, so they are efficiently and safely moved to your new location:

Stay Organized and Gather Your Materials First

You need to have a home removal checklist to guide you through the entire removal process. Staying organised keeps you from forgetting important things and helps you be more efficient in packing.

Aside from boxes and packing tape, you will need bubble wrap, old newspapers or magazines, or corrugated cardboard sheets. You will also need sofa and mattress covers, plastic stretch wrap, and sealable plastic bags. All these items can help you add another layer of protection to your furniture, which can be prone to breaking if mishandled.

Get the Furniture Ready for Packing

Preparation time is critical when removing furniture. It prevents unwanted, microscopic scratches due to dust, dirt, and debris. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your furniture before sealing them in bubble wrap or sofa cover to remove any dust or loose particles.

Remove the knobs, handles, and casters from drawers and cabinets and store them within the drawers before packing.

Take Your Furniture Apart

Before furniture removal, you need to disassemble furniture, clean them up, seal them or put them inside boxes. It makes moving furniture much more effortless and reduces damage caused by moving parts.

If you plan on disassembling your furniture, refer to the owner’s manual so you can adequately disassemble the furniture. Use sealable plastic bags to store screws and other hardware. However, make sure to disassemble furniture a day ahead of time to save time.

Cover Furniture Properly

Plastic sheeting and bubble wrap are excellent packing materials for furniture. While bubble wrap is ideal for protecting upholstered items, plastic wrap protects delicate wooden items. If you don't have plastic sheeting, use old blankets. Sliding corrugated cardboard sheets between wooden pieces can provide some cushioning and prevent rubbing.

Bubble wrap is sufficient for mirrors and tabletops. Before wrapping, consider taping the mirror in an “X” pattern with painters tape to prevent shattering. Wrap the glass or mirror completely, focusing on the corners. Finish by sandwiching it between two sheets of cardboard.

Pack Your Items in a Strategic Manner

Packing your furniture must also be done strategically so that it remains intact during removal. It helps if you label each piece of furniture with where they should go in your new home, like “ground floor bedroom,” “living room,” “second-floor nursery,” and so on.

Heavy boxes must first be placed in the moving truck to form a solid base and support for the lighter boxes to be stacked on top of it. It should also be placed with other heavy furniture boxes at the truck’s backend for better stability. Pack the lightweight boxes close to each other to prevent one from slipping during transport.

Unload with Care

Remember to unload carefully, providing movers with a simple floor plan where they can find the rooms you’ve written as a guide on the boxes. All heavy furniture should be transferred last. If you are moving furniture via stairs, some items may be brought through windows or balcony areas.

Make sure that the home removal service you get is well aware of the house structure of where the furniture will be picked up and where it will be delivered. Get movers well equipped to meet the demands of your space to avoid any trouble or additional costs.


Furnishing a new home requires careful thought, but preparing your furniture ahead of time reduces the risk of damage during furniture removal. Prepping your furniture a week before moving day allows it to be properly wrapped and labelled. To ensure you make the most of your time, follow this guide throughout the process!

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