Save Energy In Your New Home With These Tips

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A new home is a new leaf. Not only does that mean a tidy house, it also means a chance to reevaluate your finances and carbon footprint. Where better to save money and the earth than under your own roof? Here are some super easy, effective energy-saving tips for new arrivals. 

Get Your Boiler Seen To 

A boiler’s quality is not binary. Some models are great at saving energy, and others are quite poor. Make sure your boiler is suited to the job by hiring a qualified, Gas Safe heating engineer to inspect your system and give it the thumbs up. If you feel that your boiler could be fixed or replaced to save energy in the long-run, give it a thought.

Haggle Your Providers

Just because you’ve used an energy provider for X number of years does not mean they’re the cheapest. Industries change, and you could save hundreds by cutting off ties with providers that overcharge. Yes, it’s a bore, but as you’re moving house you may as well take advantage of the hectic mood.

Some of the biggest savings people make in their new homes are from solar. Local councils often subsidise energy bills in order to mount panels on the roof and gather energy for the community. It may be England, but we do get some sunshine!

Insulate From Day One 

Do you see all those packing boxes lying around? Use them for good! Go into the loft and distribute them across the floorspace. This will help insulate your home and save having to crank the heating up. 

Check Your Appliances

Many people buy homes with existing appliances in the kitchen. This is great, and we hope you get many long years out of your white goods. However, it is worth checking the installation date and energy rating of your fridge, freezer, washer etc. Older models are prone to wasting energy, and could lead to a longer-term increase in your energy bills. While investing in new appliances is a dent to the wallet, you’re likely to make your money back over the years with more efficient use of gas and electricity.

Get A Smart Meter

Smart meters are rolling out across the country, and every home in Britain will have one by 2020. Most energy providers are obliged to provide one and they’re little hassle to install. Take advantage of this new technology and get one setup as soon as you move in. Not only do you move in with a new leaf, but you can monitor all your energy usage and make the best savings possible.

save energy in your new home

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