A Comprehensive Guide to Self-storage in York

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When it comes to self-storage, there’s more to it than cost. At the bare minimum, you should know the factors that influence the cost of storage. More than that, the types of storage available and the different storage units you can choose from are equally important. Thus, to help you wrap your head around self-storage, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know about it. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you’ll make an informed choice on your next trip to a storage company.


self-storage in York

Factors That Influence the Cost of Storage

There are many factors that people look into when searching for a storage facility, including cost, location, length of the storage, size of the unit and security. Among these factors, the cost of storage is what stands out the most. Here are the factors that could influence your self-storage quote.

Length of Storage

The longer you store your things, the higher the cost of the storage. Some storage companies offer an introductory discount for new customers storing for a short period, say eight weeks. However, if you are planning to store for a long time, it would help to ask if there are any discounts.


You might have noticed that the prices of commodities are higher in the city and get cheaper the further you move from the city. The same applies to storage costs. As you move further from London to the north of the UK, the cost of storage reduces.


storage units in York

Size of Unit

Storage companies have a wide range of storage units, ranging from small, medium to large. The units are usually charged per square foot. The bigger the size of the unit, the cheaper it will cost you per square foot.

Replacement Value

Reputable storage companies usually require their clients to take insurance just in case something happens to their belongings. You can take the insurance from an insurance company or with a storage company. The cost of the insurance cover will depend on the replacement value of your belongings.


Suppose you want to access your storage unit anytime. You can expect to pay more because, in such scenarios, the storage company must have staff on-site to accommodate your needs wherever you need to access your belongings.

Types of Self Storage

There are several storage options you can choose from. It all depends on your storage needs.

Indoor self-storage

Indoor self-storage is also known as warehouse storage. Such storages have a wide range of units ideal for large house content, student belongings or business stock. You can use inner space if you are moving house, renovating, or you just want to store some things and create more space.

Some stuff ideal for this type of storage includes furniture, bikes, gardening equipment, books, clothes, business stocks, toys or even camping equipment.

Container Storage

This type of storage consists of large secure metal containers that are usually located outdoors. Most storage companies have their container storage in a manned site with a secured gate and CCTV for security purposes. Some container storages are lined with grafo-thermal to prevent condensation and dampness. If this is not the case, you want to be careful with the things you store in container storage. The temperatures and condensation can affect delicate items.

In this storage, you can store things that are not affected by temperature changes, such as plant machinery, gardening furniture, equipment, or cars.

Climate-Controlled Storage

If you are storing things that are sensitive to temperature changes, then climate-controlled storage is the perfect storage facility. These storage facilities are air-conditioned or heated, depending on the weather. Others have humidity control.

Such storages are expensive compared to conventional ones, but it is worth it if you are storing temperature-sensitive materials such as furniture or wood.


Lockups are used to store smaller items since they are small in size. Often they are found within residential areas. Since it’s only the door that acts as security, it would help to only store low-value items in these storage facilities.

Storage Container Sizes

It’s now time to answer some of the most pressing questions about container sizes and just how much stuff you can squeeze in the different sizes.


storage containers in York


How much can a 5x5 storage unit hold?

This is the smallest unit when it comes to storing your belongings. The unit can hold the contents of a small room or a large closet. Things like small bookcases, lamps, chairs, suitcases, and small desks can fit in perfectly. This storage option is majorly used when one wants to clear clutter or store up seasonal items.

How much does a 5x10 storage unit hold?

The storage unit can hold business items from a single room. You can compare the size of this storage to a large outdoor shade or an average walk-in closet.

How big is a 10x10 storage unit?

A 10x10 storage unit is the size of half of a one-car garage or the average small bedroom. The storage unit is 10 feet wide and 10 feet long, which sums up to 100 square feet. Many have an 800-foot ceiling translating to 800 cubic feet of packing space.

How much can a 10x10 storage unit hold?

If stacked up properly, a 10x10 storage unit can hold up to three room’s contents. This is an excellent choice for a two-bedroom apartment that’s around 800 square feet. It can also hold all items of a full family living room or two bedrooms. This will include all the appliances and mattresses. However, to be on the safe side, if your house is larger than 800 square feet, you can try 10x15 storage units.

What can fit in a 10x20 storage unit?

This storage unit has 200 square feet of storage space and can hold up to five rooms’ content. Items such as full-sized appliances, living room furniture, patio furniture, large equipment and large quantities of boxes can fit in.

We Will Advise You on Self-Storage Options

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