Smart Recycling: Avoid The Dreaded Bin Pileup

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An annoying side effect of moving house is that you amass piles and piles of rubbish. Unwanted clutter is thrown away, new items are burdened with packaging, and the home fills up with needless mess. For example:

  • Cardboard boxes from new furniture
  • Leftover bubblewrap from your crockery
  • Empty cans and pizza boxes from moving snacks
  • Mountains of flyers!

Recycling in the UK

This means that weeks after moving in, there’s still a big queue for the bins and recycling. You find yourself straining to push that extra box into your recycling bin. This sours the experience of moving and takes a little shine off your new home.

Here are our tips to reduce the amount of rubbish after a house move. With a combination of these, you can safely and sustainably rid your bins of all that overspill.

1. Take Rubbish Back To The Old Home

Some moves require more than one trip in the van. If you can unpack quickly, you can use the return journey to carry unwanted recycling back to the old house. It’s easier to dispose of rubbish there than in your new home.

2. Get Help From Friendly Faces

Are you on good terms with your old neighbours? It cannot hurt to ask if you can leave some excess recycling into their bins. The move might be a big deal to you, but to them, it’s just another bin day. Just remember to ask first - kerbside politics is like treading on eggshells!

3. Recycle Your Recycling

Cardboard boxes, plastic bags and paper have more than one life cycle. Once they’ve served their initial purpose, you can repurpose them into protective flooring and packaging for subsequent trips in the van.

4. Take Initiative: Use The Van

If you’ve hired a driver and a vehicle, ask if they can spare an extra half hour to take your unwanted rubbish to the local recycling centre. This might cost extra, but the value of a tidy home outweighs that.

5. Enlist Local Council Services

You’d be surprised at the number of people that take unnecessary rubbish with them. Simply put: if you don't use it in the new home, don’t bring it.

Some local councils offer kerbside collection for large items. This is especially useful if you want rid of bulky items like washing machines, old bikes or broken furniture.

For residents in York, see the city's bulky waste collection service. You can dispose of multiple items for a fixed price. This is especially useful if you plan to upgrade white goods.

That's What We Think...What About You?

Do you have any handy tips on minimising rubbish during your move? We'd love to know! Get in touch with us today with your feedback.

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