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Moving out of your current house to a new one can be quite overwhelming. This is usually because you will have to consider many things—from packing things up and transporting them to settling in a new home. As much as possible, you want this transition to go as seamlessly as possible.

When it comes to this, planning is the key to have a successful move. As such, we will share four practical tips on how to move out of your house to a new one smoothly:

1. Start with setting up your budget

When it comes to moving out, you will have the option to take the DIY route or hire a moving company. As the DIY transition can be quite stressful, leaving it to a mover can really go a long way. However, the initial step to take is to check your finances and set your overall budget. Then, be sure to shop around for local movers, compare their pricing, and see what the services include. If you want to save up a bit, here are some practical tips to follow:

  • Declutter first and purge things you no longer need.

  • Host a garage sale to get rid of some of your belongings.

  • Look for free boxes and supplies for your packing needs.

  • Pick and schedule a better moving date.

2. Have proper packing

Packing all your items and belongings can make a big difference in ensuring a successful move. For this reason, be sure to do so in a well-organised manner. For your guide, here are some practical packing tips for you:

  • Sort your belongings, categorise them, and label them accordingly.

  • Secure your fragile items in plastic wraps.

  • Use divider kits to separate and protect your items.

  • Pack your appliances using their original boxes.

  • Measure current furniture and use a floor plan for their placement.

  • Put refrigerated food and drinks in coolers.

  • Pack your kitchen items last.

3. Ensure the right vehicle size and transport mode

Once done packing, you have to ask your moving company what mode of transport they’ll utilise. Most importantly, ensure you choose the right moving van size that can accommodate your items and belongings. This is because it will be much better if you’ll have only one trip for transporting your things, instead of having multiple ones. Whether the local movers use a truck or a van, your goal is to ensure a safe yet efficient transport mode!

4. Prepare for the actual moving

During the actual moving, here are a few steps you can take to ensure a successful transition:

  • Move early in the morning to avoid the busy street and heavy traffic.

  • Reserve elevators in the new building for your moving company.

  • Settle parking ahead of time and inform your moving company.

  • Create a list of all moving essentials and tick boxes before your movers leave.

As a moving company, we will ensure that you have nothing to worry about during your move. We also provide house removal services to residents of York, Yorkshire, and the surrounding areas. That said, be sure to check our coverage areas and budget options to see what best suits your moving needs!


At this point, you now know that moving to a new house can be quite overwhelming. But with proper planning and preparation, you’ll be able to do it smoothly and seamlessly. To that end, be sure to work with a highly reliable moving company with an effective house removal process and safe transport service to ensure an efficient, secure, and successful move!

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