Feed Your Family During The House Move!

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Moving house is hungry work. You’ll be running up and down stairs, packing boxes, loading items and darting around the house. Perhaps more tiring is the thinking and organising. Like travel, a house move takes its toll on the brain and if you’re not careful, you can be left feeling drained.

But worry not! 1 Van 1 Man are here to help with the most efficient, wholesome and tasty snacks to keep you and your family energised during the house move. So, what exactly are we looking for?

Easy Snacks For Moving Home

You don’t eat meals during a house move; you eat snacks. Whatever fuels you must be consumed without cutlery and with the least possible washing up. We assume that by this point your kitchen is already packed up and you have minimal resources to cook with. Everything should be shrink-wrapped or prepackaged, meaning your only duty is to chew, enjoy and dispose of the wrapper.

Food Must Be Plentiful

Start to finish, a very big house move can take up to 12 hours. That’s a lot of time on your feet, using energy and building yourself a big appetite. You can’t afford to wait six hours for the next meal, as you’ll simply be too tired by the time it comes around. Removal snacks should be eaten little and often to keep you feeling strong and alert.

Energise Yourself!

The quality of what you’re eating matters. Like we said, you’ll be running around all day so greasy, lethargic food is not welcome in the belly. Choose items that are packed with energy and moderately healthy so that you don’t feel sluggish after eating them.

With all this in mind, this would be a very effective spread for a family of four: 

  • 8 x sandwiches with a healthy balance of greens, carbs and protein
  • 4 x apples to keep in your pockets and bite on a break
  • 4 x bananas for that quick fix of energy
  • 8 x cereal bars for that needed dose of sweetness
  • 4 x scotch eggs…because who doesn’t like scotch eggs? 

So there you have it, a veritable spread of moving house snacks for you to pick up and enjoy as and when you need them. For more ambitious recipes, see the Kitchn’s compilation of day before meals that you can prepare in advance. We’re particularly drawn to the chocolate cookie dough bites!

Do you have any go-to snacks for moving home? Our staff would love to know! Keep us posted by writing in the comments below, or by posting on our Facebook page.

Snacks To Eat During a House Move

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