Important Things to Consider When Sorting an Office Move

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There may come a time when your company has to move to a different location. Regardless of the reason, there are many things to consider for the transition to be done without too many hassles. The thing about moving is that it is never an easy task. Yes, you may hire movers to help you out within the process, but they are just there to assist you in doing all the heavy lifting; you still have to organise everything so that there wouldn’t be any confusion or too many unnecessary costs during the move.

You have to consider the equipment to be packed, the schedule of the move itself, the destination of your new office, amongst other things. If you happen to be the company owner and it’s just your first time to handle something as important as a full-blown office move, chances are, you want to know the different tips and tricks that might make things more convenient for everyone.

Making the right decisions is crucial, as the lease owner may not appreciate your overstay in the old office space, and any obstacle in the process may create quite a delay. In such a case, you may follow the recommendations we have listed below for your reference.

Settle Everything before Moving Out

This phase of your move must be coordinated with both the property owners of the old office and the new office. You should settle everything with the old owner while clarifying the details of the new office with its owner as well. By doing this, you will be able to ensure a smoother transition, rather than being called back by the old owner due to unsettled debts and paperwork.

This will also further raise your chances of being in good standing with the new lease owner, as they may try to validate your history of renting out an office. Any good word that they can get from your old property owner would go towards your favour.

Plan Everything Out Beforehand

Moving to a new office requires a lot of planning. In such a case, you cannot do it all alone. You must get the help of your employees and the moving company so that it will all go smoothly and quicker than usual. The plan normally revolves around the specific floor space of the new office and the areas where your equipment and computers will be placed, along with your office furniture.

You shouldn’t skip this step; otherwise, you are just going to confuse your employees and the movers for hire.

Keep All the Confidential Documents and Assets Safe

This is one pitfall that most companies make whenever they need to move to a new area. The thing about company assets is that they are as valuable as gold. Make the crucial mistake of losing or revealing confidential files, and your business strategy either gets copied or lost forever. Avoid committing this mistake at all costs!

Important documents must be kept within a high-quality, safe or folder cabinet. If you cannot trust anyone to handle the cabinets themselves, you may opt to keep them within the confines of your home for the time being or until such time that the move has been completed. Feel free to place them back in the new office once the dust has settled.


Taking note of all the important things to consider when moving to a new office space will make it more smooth and convenient for everyone. Aside from settling everything before moving out, you must also plan everything before even deciding to hire a mover and keep all your documents safe as well from getting lost or stolen.

Follow all of our tips above, and you will never have to worry about encountering any problem with your move along the way, along with the consequences of not being properly prepared for it.

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